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Petrobras may have another Chinese partner in Comperj

Paulo Nogueira
04-05-2018 18:44:11
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Alexandre Werener, who is an Engineer Consultant, brings new information about Comperj straight from the source and new possible ways of hiring

O COMPERJ and its UPGN are under the responsibility of Kerui, the current company in Rio de Janeiro. Already installed in Rio for four years, it won the contract to complete the works. Fundamental work for the outflow of pre-salt gas. In partnership with the Brazilian company Method/Potencial, he will carry out this great project. The company has already started the mobilization process in Itaboraí and is preparing a strategy for hiring personnel and engineering, construction and assembly services.

At COMPERJ, the CIC and the Street are still in the bidding process, in parallel with this, Petrobras is negotiating with another large Chinese group the conclusion of the Refinery works, currently on average 60% completed, but still with many services to be performed. This Chinese group, if the negotiations are concluded, will participate as a partner of Petrobras in this venture.

New possible ways of hiring

It is a very important work for the resumption of employment in Rio de Janeiro. We will monitor all this movement, whether due to demand for labor and/or technical services. The company is organizing itself to start the hiring process, whether direct or indirect labor. The HR manager has already been hired and is already negotiating this process with the union. Reports say that the company will create a page on the internet to receive CV's

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