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Petrobras authorizes the first contracts for COMPERJ

Paulo Nogueira
03-04-2018 11:58:51
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The Petrobras manager says that this week around 100 people will be called. Find out how COMPERJ's hiring will be

The Petrobras manager says that this week around 100 people will be called. Find out how COMPERJ's hiring will be

COMPERJ will start the first hiring this week for professionals focused on the engineering area, according to Frederico Doher, the Petrobras ventures manager, saying that the authorizations will be issued immediately. There will be no mandatory discrimination with regard to the location of these professionals, so you, an engineer who has experience in this type of project, will be able to apply normally. But remember, in this round only 100 professionals will be called

According to Frederico, the task force at this very moment will be dedicated to the office team in various engineering modalities, but there will also be civil field work (engineers will have to get their hands dirty too) to make the construction site, so the construction people who don't have a high school education, be smart because there will be a small wave of hiring at the first moment for you too to build the jobsite and offices.

As you already know, on March 22, the consortium between Shandong Kerui and Potential Method was signed, but most of the hiring will take place through outsourced companies, one of them will be IESA, which is already transporting a tower to the Petrochemical Complex the Process Tower. In addition, Petrobras emphasizes that the intermediation of contracts can also occur through regional bodies and unions, such as Sine and Sintramon. When there is a greater detail of the work by the engineers, in the second half of this year, it will be possible to make the other contracts. Altogether, to carry out the works at Comperj, 5,000 workers must be summoned, with different levels of education. Calls will be made continuously, as required. Source: Extra and Globo

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