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Petrobras and 13 other companies signed the exploration contracts – The sector is back with full force!

Paulo Nogueira
30-01-2018 13:21:28
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contract signing 14th round of oil auctions

The contracts for the 14th round of oil auctions were signed yesterday. Petrobras and other oil monsters will start the exploration phase in 2018

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]A Petrobras along with others Brazilian and multinational oil companies, have just signed yesterday (29) 32 exploration contracts in several sedimentary basins throughout Brazil. Look, there are at least 32 oil units in the exploration phase in activities. Understand that now it's gone, everything is already sanctioned and stamped and now it's just joy. See the list below with the companies that will hire in bulk soon:


  • Petrobras
  • ExxonMobil
  • Murphy Brazil
  • Queiroz Galvão
  • imam
  • Parnaíba Natural Gas
  • oil


  • Bertek LTDA
  • CNOOC Petroleum
  • Repsol
  • Vipetro
  • Geopark Brazil
  • karoon
  • Great Energy

Contracts are for activities in assets offshore and onshore spread across the country. The minimum amount that will be invested, just at the time of exploration and research, will be 845 million reais, the government guaranteed in cash 3.8 billion just in bonuses for signing the contracts. The oil auctions that will take place in 2017, was a major milestone in the history of Brazilian exploration because very different exploration sites were offered.

Such as Petrobras is now no longer obliged to explore all Brazilian assets, many companies had the chance to do good business, and that's exactly what happened. Tax incentives and flexibility of local content were one of the main attractions to make this possible. For the common worker, this means that the new phase will demand a lot of specialized labor, technicians and engineers will be at the same time, in addition to moving the entire industry indirectly, as is the case of the city of Maricá-RJ, which suffered a BOOM with the arrival of pre-salt activities in the municipality. See the table of companies, basins and their auctioned blocks.

Companies that signed the contracts for the 14th round of oil auctions

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