Petrobras informs that it receives only R$ 2.80 per liter of gasoline for each R$ 7 paid on average by the consumer, and readjustment in fuel prices is necessary so that the Brazilian market continues to be supplied, without the risk of shortages

Flavia Marinho
28-04-2022 11:32:35
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Adjustment in the price of gasoline and diesel serves to remunerate all the investment made by Petrobras for exploration, oil production, refining, transport and oil derivatives

After the increase in the prices of gasoline, diesel and LPG, Petrobras made a statement and informed on April 23 that in relation to recently published reports comparing gasoline prices sold to final consumers in Brazil and in other countries, the state-owned company clarifies that the price of gasoline sold in the Brazilian market is the market price, of economic equilibrium and which ensures that the supply is sufficient to meet national demand.

It is important to highlight that the values practiced by Petrobras are different from those perceived by the final consumer in retail.

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Average price of gasoline to end consumers in Brazil is lower than the price practiced in more than 50 countries

Petrobras also informs that according to the ranking of, the average price of gasoline to the final consumer in Brazil is lower than the price practiced in more than 50 countries.

According to the state-owned company, in the case of gasoline, until it reaches the consumer, taxes are added; costs for the acquisition and mandatory blending of anhydrous ethanol; in addition to the costs and margins of distribution companies and resellers.

From the average price of R$ 7.22 per liter paid on average by the consumer, according to the ANP's weekly price survey for the week of 04/10 to 16/04/2022, Petrobras receives R$ 2.81. This market value, in addition to allowing imports to occur to meet local demand, serves to remunerate all the investment made by Petrobras for exploration, oil production, petroleum refining, and transportation of oil and derivatives.

Increase in fuel prices avoids risks of shortages

“It is worth emphasizing that the prices practiced by Petrobras in the sale of fuels to distribution companies seek at the same time (i) to maintain a structural balance with the prices practiced in the global fuel market and (ii) to avoid passing on the volatility of international prices and the exchange rate, marked by conjunctural events.” the state-owned company said in the statement.

“This responsible practice is essential for the Brazilian market to continue to be supplied, without risk of shortages, by the different actors responsible for serving the different Brazilian regions: distributors, importers and other producers, in addition to Petrobras”, concludes the Brazilian oil company.

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