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P-76 employs around 5,000 professionals in the integration phase

Paulo Nogueira
18-04-2018 14:27:39
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The platform is scheduled to leave Techint's shipyard in October in Pontal do Paraná to operate in Campo de Búzios.

The activities to integrate the systems of the P-76 platform in the offshore base of the Techint company in Pontal do Paraná are about to be concluded, but precisely in the month of October. The next stage of the tests are being focused on completing the electrical installations at this time. This unit was leased by Petrobras and will produce in the Búzios Field, which is located in the pre-salt layer of the Santos Basin. Ricardo Ourique, who is the chief director of Techint, says that more than 5000 employees are at the service of the company in this undertaking.

Luis Guilherme, responsible for the commercial management of the firm, points out that the margin for local content is in the margin of 71%. Remembering that 15 of these processing modules were made at the UOT (where Techint is located) out of a total of 20 that are being built. Adding all the modules installed on the P-76, the weight is an incredible 24 thousand tons and can produce up to 150 thousand barrels of oil daily and a processing capacity of 7 million cubic meters of gas. See the videos of the works:

If you want to leave your resume in the company's database, put the following address in your browsers: https://careers.techint.com/search/. We are not saying that there are selection processes in progress, but it is just a tip in the sense of expanding your professional chances. The site appears to be in Spanish, but it shouldn't be difficult to understand the terms, however, use Google Translate for any queries.

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