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OSM Brasil opens a new stage for receiving CVs

Paulo Nogueira
16-05-2018 18:09:52
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Another series of opportunities at OSM offshore with a direct selection process in the company and no tricks.

RH announced that it needs to complete the OSM Brasil database, know the procedures to apply

OSM asked for just over 24 hours on social media and other job channels for candidates to get in touch with her and leave their qualifications and assignments for offshore positions, mainly for the maritime branch, which is her specialty. We will list what is required to apply and the sources of publication so that there is no doubt or inconvenience. Just to remind you, Subtec is receiving CVs from several professionals and we were allowed to intermediate some CV's through the article that we leave here on the site.. Follow the list:


Seamanship official
cabin boy
Cabotage master
Chief engineer
Machine Officer
Machine Driver


crane operator
Crane Assistant
ROV Operator
Scuba diver
DP Operator
Control Room Operator

As you know, we have adopted a new practice now to send your CVs to companies, which is through a form. This will prevent people who do not have the attributions for the positions from doing SPAM, overloading the company's servers and disturbing the selection processes. FOLLOW THE FORM BELOW:

When filling out the form, you will be directed to the publication source

A new phase in the Brazilian oil sector is starting, the market is now in the phase of absorbing the professionals who have experience, when there is a lack of professionals in the market, they will start to call the inexperienced through trainee programs, for this it will be necessary that you have technical training or higher, preferably in maintenance areas, which is the focus of this market. Find out more by accessing the article here.

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