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OOS Tiradentes is arriving in Brazil in February for a Petrobras contract. Call!

Paulo Nogueira
10-01-2018 07:42:04
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OOS Tiradentes left China for Brazil

This unit will serve the Campos Basin in state-owned contracts, part of the operational crew of OOS Tiradentes will be assembled in Brazil

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]A OOS Tiradentes  will leave Yantai, China, at the beginning of February for Brazil, activities on demand from Petrobras, it is a unit of the type floatel that will serve national post-salt operations. It is offshore unit will go into operation by the end of March and part of the crew made up of hoteliers, seafarers, technicians and engineers will be Brazilians.

OOS Tiradentes has, in its operational apparatus, electric-powered cranes that can withstand two to sixty tons of load, the interesting thing is that it can accommodate 600 people at once when there are maintenance and installation activities. It also has the ability to dynamically position itself, a useful function when there is a need to “dock” very close to other units, whether they are fixed or floating as well.

In fact, here in Brazil we already have two similar units in operation and fully operational: OOS Gretha and OOS Prometheus. OOS International (company name) already has a contract to add two more units to the fleet in 2019: OOS Serooskerke and OOS Walcheren.

The cards are on the table and opportunities have already started to appear in a significant way, with the new phase of financial reformulation of Petrobras, for better or for worse, an organization in the sector is perceived. As soon as it arrives in Brazil and the official hiring contacts are released, Click Petróleo e Gás will notify you all or update this post, for this it is important to activate the site's notifications. See the example in the video below:

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