Start One of the largest ships in the world is in Porto do Açú

One of the largest ships in the world is in Porto do Açú

May 18, 2018 7:48 am to 07:48
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As the largest port terminal in Brazil, Porto do Açú is the only one capable of receiving VLCC-type vessels

The VLCC (Very Large Crude Carrier) that landed on the Port of Açu this week it is among the largest in the world, with storage capacity of up to 2 million barrels of crude oil. The Oil Terminal, T-Oil, developed by Açu Petróleo is the only Brazilian private terminal capable of receiving VLCC class ships. The operation was only possible with the investment of R$ 400 million, carried out last year, with the dredging works that took the nominal depth of the terminal to 25 meters.

The name of the vessel is called DHT Redwood and this operation refers to the current contract with Petrogal, which has a 20% stake in the North of Carcará, in the Santos Basin, acquired in the 2017 auctions. Specialists indicate that the Port of Açú will now have intense movement of large ships and there is an international commotion of oil and gas companies for operations of this type in Brazil, and the port terminal of Açú is the only one capable of meeting this demand.

Anyone who thinks that the Port of Açú has the function of docking and holding vessels is wrong, it goes far beyond that. The correct term to use for this project is actually “port complex”, because in addition to performing this type of operation, it will also include a thermoelectric plant, gas complex, import/export of ores and grains, in addition to the metal-mechanic factories located there. The representatives of Smart Training were there and recorded audios and videos amazed by the size and complexity of the place, see the article here.

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