OLX is hiring 225 new employees from all over Brazil to work from home

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21-04-2022 10:25:50
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OLX - home 0office - job vacancies - home office vacancies The online commerce platform is looking for 155 professionals for remote 100% work, (Credit: Disclosure/ Portal Olx)

OLX is announcing this Tuesday (19) the opening of hundreds of job openings in the home office and face-to-face modality open to the marketing, finance, operations, strategy, and also to the information technology sector.

OLX, one of the best-known online buying and selling platforms in Brazil, has hundreds of job openings with options to work in the offices and also from home. In total, the company announced the opening of 225 job openings on Tuesday (19) in the most diverse areas of activity. The company's opportunities are for developers, managers and many others in their selective process.

Find out what jobs are available at OLX

Of the total vacancies opened by OLX, 65 of them are part of the corporate sectors of Marketing, Finance, People, Operations and Strategy. The remaining positions are open for the information technology sector.

In the corporate department of OLX, there are open positions for professionals such as marketing analysts, Web Analytics specialists, account executives, business consultants, designers, among others. In addition, the company also has vacancies in its talent pool exclusively for black candidates.

In the sector of information Technology, OLX's home office jobs are for hiring in the Engineering and Product sectors. Developers from all over the country can apply for the selection process, given that the company is prioritizing remote work.

OLX is looking for professionals able to occupy positions of engineering manager, DevOps, product manager, Back end and front end developer, among other positions.

Professionals with different levels of knowledge and experience can be hired by the buying and selling platform. For example, in the case of the developer vacancy, where OLX defines the qualifications required to occupy Junior, Senior Professional, Full Professional and Specialist Professional/Staff positions.

Candidates can choose to work from home or face to face.

OLX is adept at working from home, however, if employees wish to work in person, they can visit the company's offices twice a week to carry out their work.

OLX's units are located in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The company's units in Brazil provide comfortable and relaxed spaces so that their employees can be more comfortable. The company's headquarters, for example, which is located in Rio de Janeiro, has a slide, relaxation corners, a space for games, a video game room and a relaxed space for meetings.

Those interested in face-to-face and home-office job openings at OLX should access the company's official recruitment page and choose the best opportunity compatible with the professional profile.

The selection process is simple and only needs the filling out an online form. On the OLX website you can access several other opportunities. Candidates hired by the company will receive equipment and technical support to work at home or anywhere.

Meet OLX

In Brazil, OLX is the result of a partnership between the two largest investment and media groups in the marketplace in the world, the Norwegian Schibsted and the South African Naspers.

As the largest representative of the Shared Economy in the country, the company has been present in Brazil since 2010, with offices in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and a team of approximately 500 professionals. In 2017, the company launched Storia Imóveis, a platform focused on the professional public, with high and medium standard properties. OLX is spread in 45 countries, being the biggest buying and selling site in the world.

The group is a leader in the global C2C marketplace market and also in the real estate and car verticals. More than 100 million people worldwide generate around 1.9 billion visits per month to the company's website.

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