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Oil resumption attracts foreigners

February 21, 2018 9:58 am to 09:58
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With greater participation of foreign companies operating in Brazil and the increase in the prices of a barrel of oil, experts say that the moment is favorable for our economy

the sector of oil and gas in Brazil is getting new characters. Companies from countries such as the United States, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark, France and China are settling in the country and, mainly, associating themselves with national companies with an eye on the resumption of activity in the oil industry. This movement began to gain strength in 2017 and promises to grow in the coming years. Even Petrobras has already noticed this trend. According to the state-owned company, at least 37 new companies from abroad have already qualified as suppliers, of which 11 are still in the qualification process.

The interest is in the services area, responsible for the construction and assembly of equipment. The appetite aims to occupy the space that was previously occupied by names such as Odebrecht, Queiroz Galvão, OAS and Engevix – some of the 18 companies that are prohibited, by a precautionary block, from signing new contracts with Petrobras, for involvement in irregularities revealed by Lava -Jet.

With the big companies out of the game, Petrobras itself started to look for new suppliers. The result was an increase of 15% in the base of companies registered at the end of 2017, for a total of 7,300. Of this total, 900 are foreigners. Speak well or speak ill of this new policy, but only oil companies from abroad have the reputation and expertise that the state-owned company needs right now. Source: Fabiana Oliveira, Petrobras Contract Manager

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