Start Oil found in Tereza's backyard in Bahia

Oil found in Tereza's backyard in Bahia

May 5, 2017 10:01 am to 10:01 am
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Oil found in Tereza's backyard in Bahia

She found oil in the back of her house and look what happened. What if it was with you?

O Petroleum was found when a work was going on in the back of the house of Dona Tereza Barbosa, now 61 years old, in the Lobato neighborhood, Salvador-BA. The 24-year-old bricklayer Edvaldo, who performed the excavation service, had already found the oil more than 7 days before this fact went to the media.

He said his workmates were removing rocks when they spotted a pipeline. At first they thought it was sewage, but when they smelled it, they realized that it wasn't, mainly because of the mineral's viscosity. He immediately tried to call the owner of the house, since there was oil extraction in that region in the past.

The lucky residence is besieged on Rua Getúlio Vargas, in Lobato, to which in the year of 1939 the first sign of Petroleum terrestrial from Bahia, literally a few meters from Dona Tereza's house.

This place has been disabled since 1980 for any kind of exploration or production from fossil fuels , according to the ANP. In the same place, there are now monuments talking about this part of the city's history and an area dedicated to sports.

At first, Tereza's biggest fear was the risk of an explosion, because she didn't know how to proceed, in addition to the dangers to the environment and her family members. At that first moment she didn't think about money, but then she stopped and thought about the benefits an oil well could bring to her and the neighborhood.

Under incentives, Tereza immediately tried to contact the ANP in order to find out what to do. The agency sent some technicians to assess the site and it was requested that the works be interrupted during this period.


After the visit of Martinho Sobral Rocha, an ANP accredited petroleum engineer, it was found that this mineral was really oil, but its exploration was unfeasible because, after all, this well was closed at the time because it was no longer financially productive, the only thing to be done is containment and closure of the site.

Without any possibility of earning a little extra money, Tereza and her family continue their lives happily in the same way, because now they too are part of the city's history and friends have already invented several funny catchphrases such as "Baroneza do Petróleo" and everything else.

If you find an oil well in your backyard and it is proven that it is productive and economically viable, know that you are entitled to 1% of the company's profits, according to Federal Law. This already occurs in the cities of Madre de Deus, São Sebastião do Passé, Catu and Pojuca.

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