Oil company SBM Offshore invites candidates without technical level experience in Instrumentation, Mechanics, Electrical and more to work on board at 14 x 14 scale in the Campos and Santos basins

Flavia Marinho
19-04-2022 09:02:41
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Job vacancies for young technicians who want to work on board in August this year! Opportunities are for the trainee program of the multinational SBM Offshore

Do you want to work on board but have no experience? Start your offshore career in one of the biggest oil companies in the world! The multinational SBM Offshore recruits candidates with and without experience to train young offshore operators in its Technical Trainee 2022 program. See below how to apply for vacancies and register your CV.

SBM Offshore is the market leader providing floating production solutions for the offshore energy sector, specializing in deep water. The company believes that the oceans will provide the world with safe, sustainable and affordable energy for many generations to come.

Check below the requirements to apply for job opportunities at the oil company SBM Offshore

  • Technical Training in: Chemistry; Electrotechnical; Instrumentation; Automation; mechanics; Electric;
  • Intermediary English;
  • Office pack;
  • Availability to embark on an Offshore stopover (14 days);
  • Availability to work in the Santos and Campos basins;
  • Approval on the 99jobs Belief Scale (accomplished upon application);
  • Pass the 99jobs English and Logic Tests.

Remembering that the vacancies are to work on board in the Santos and Campos basins, scheduled to start in August this year!

Stage of the selection process:

  • Step 1: Until May 14, 2022 – Online Applications and Tests;
  • Stage 2: May 23 to 27, 2022 – Online Dynamics;
  • Stage 3: June 27, 2022 – Beginning of Stage 2 (participation in the training course offered by SBM Offshore);
  • Stage 4: August/ 2022 - Beginning of Stage 3 (admission).

Benefit: SBM Offshore offers Food Stamps; Food voucher; Medical and odontologic assistence; Gym/Sports Practices; 6-week course at LECIONA + grant during the course; Salary to be agreed after hiring.

Enrollment: those interested in starting an offshore career at the oil company SBM Offshore can register their CV until May 14, IN THIS LINK.

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