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Explosion of offshore and onshore vacancies today from national companies

Paulo Nogueira
15-03-2017 19:59:06
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Explosion of offshore and onshore vacancies today from national companies, now go! Explosion of offshore and onshore vacancies today from national companies, now go!

Literally an explosion of offshore opportunities were publicized today by companies on major social media channels

A lot is said about offshore companies multinationals and that they are the focus at the moment, but while bids, exploratory blocks that have not yet been sold and pre-salt activities still do not reach their maximum potential, someone has to take care of the job. That was left for the national ones, which now holds several “monster” contracts for activities in the oil and gas field on March 15, 2017. Take advantage and only send resumes if you are within the profile. Enough of the rambling and follow the list because now it's up to you, follower:


Boilers with experience in the function verified in CTPS and salvage in force are required to compose the team in production stop. Candidates, please send your CV right now to recruitment01@elfe.com.br.

Storekeepers, Operations Assistants, Electronics Technicians, Inspection Technicians and Electrical Technicians

A large company has taken on a destructive contract for several units in the oil sector, and urgently needs many professionals in the area mentioned above, each of them with experience and training in their respective functions. You go to everything you are doing at that moment, you will take your computer, format your resume and send an email to toprecrutamento2015@gmail.com, informing the desired role in the subject.

industrial painters

Elementary schooling completed, Salvatage within salary and industrial painting course taken at SENAI or ABRACO and knowledge in the function proven in work portfolio. We need these professionals for yesterday, so please send your resume to recruitment01@elfe.com.br.

Offshore and Onshore SMS Assistants

Mega contract that a large company is celebrating. As a result, Occupational Safety, Environment or Occupational Health (HSE) assistants are required with extreme urgency, 10 of which are for activities offshore and 10 more for work on land. For professionals working at sea, an amount of 50% will be added to the salary of R$1500.00. The main requirements to occupy the positions are: Possess CBSP, experience of at least 1 year in HSE, completed high school, ISO system audits and absolute mastery of the Office package. Send your resume if you are within the profile to assistantsms@gmail.com, not forgetting to name the subject with the name of the vacancy.

Offshore and onshore planning technicians

Must have technical training in any industry segment, be affiliated with CREA, master the SAP system, Office and experience from 1 year in the area. As with the HSE Assistant vacancy, for this role the employee will be paid R$1500.00 and will have an additional 50% if he has the salvage to board. Send your resume to tecplanej@gmail.com, stating the position in the subject of the email.

Environmental Engineers

For this position, the requirements are pretty strict, but the incredible salary of R$7964.55 makes up for it for those in the industry as there are 10 vacancies available. The candidate must have a degree in the area, have a bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering, CREA in force, experience starting at 1 year, skills with SAP and Office systems. Send your resume today to engambien@gmail.com indicating the vacancy in the subject of the message.

planning engineers

Following the same salary floor and vacancy numbers as environmental engineers, planning professionals for this position must have a superior in any engineering, experience in the role and knowledge of the SAP system. Interested in the profile, please send your resumes to engplanej@gmail.com.

Beginner Security Technicians

If you've just completed your course in the field and still haven't found work, join our company's trainee program. Your role will be to review, prepare and study guidelines for company training. It is mandatory that the candidate lives in the city of Macaé. Aspiring jobs will have a compatible salary and great benefits, so send your resume to newjob.macae@gmail.com.

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