Start Offshore vacancies in production shutdown for June 6th: Send your CVs now

Offshore vacancies in production shutdown for June 6th: Send your CVs now

June 5, 2017 8:04 pm to 20:04
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Offshore vacancies in production shutdown for June 6th Send your CVs now

Offshore companies have just opened up opportunities for various positions in units in RJ and ES in scheduled production shutdown

Let's go friends offshore vacancies from today are for temporary positions in various sectors. Contractors need to do maintenance on submersible and semi-submersible units with some urgency, so the opportunities are for immediate hiring. Remembering that you are only allowed to send your abstracts if you carefully match the requirements of the positions in question. Did you understand? So let's go!

The professionals summoned by the contractors today are:

  •  electricians assemblers
  • boiler shop supervisors
  • Industrial Painters
  • Scaffolders
  • Hydraulic mechanics

electricians assemblers

Must have Abraman or 3 years experience in assembling electrical wiring launches in ducts, salvage and NR-10. If you have previous experience in production stops and living in ES will be of great value. Candidates within the attributions, please send your CV to

boiler shop supervisors

Must have a technical course in any area, Salvatagem, at least 4 years of experience in the field. If the candidate has 10 years of experience in the boiler industry, the technical course is not required. Preferably, candidates must be from ES, but in the absence of these, the company will hire from other states. If you fit the profile, send your resume to

Industrial Painters

The requirements for these vacancies are very basic, just that candidates have a minimum of 1 year experience in the painting industrial function and course. Send your qualifications to the email


The requirements for the vacancies are: have a minimum experience of 2 years, CBSP, Heut and live in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Interested parties send your assignments now to

Hydraulic Mechanics

Candidates must live in Macaé, must be fully available to work at atypical hours. At least 1 year of CLT experience. The job seeker must know how to assemble circuits based on hydraulics, work with corrective and preventive maintenance on all types of machines and equipment. Interested in the profile, send your abstracts to

offshore translators

The activity consists of translating training materials, both at base and offshore. The vacancy will be temporary and the candidate must speak and write English fluently and have full knowledge of the Regulatory Norms (NR's). If you live in Macaé or Rio das Ostras, please send an urgent email to

Remembering that vacancies are temporary, for more news and up-to-date opportunities in the sector, access the session Offshore and Onshore vacancies by clicking here.

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