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Marfood aborted hiring at the door: selective process by email only

Paulo Nogueira
01-06-2017 20:43:07
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Offshore Vacancies Confirmed Overwhelming Company Goes Resumes at the Door

Update 06/05/2017 : There are only 50 spaces and at the moment there are hundreds of people in the place, so we advise you not to go there at the moment to avoid riots!

Rectification of the post to which it was announced that Marfood would hire at the door on June 5, 2017

Remembering that it is entirely your responsibility if you travel to the company, the Click Oil and Gas You know it's very difficult to get jobs these days. You may eventually have a bus ticket, food and accommodation expenses and not be selected. You'll be vying for spots with literally thousands. Repeating and reiterating: THE RESPONSIBILITY IS SOLE AND EXCLUSIVELY WITH YOU. Good luck everyone and let me know if you are successful.

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