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Offshore recruitment company is knocking on the door in Macaé: Read the whole article

Paulo Nogueira
30-08-2017 15:44:09
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Offshore recruitment company is coming to the door in Macaé Read the whole story

Official selection process with many offshore vacancies, under the responsibility of renowned HR in the oil and gas segment

About Master. This video below was from yesterday before posting. I went there personally to ask about the veracity of the vacancies, the concierge confirmed that yes. In the article in which I posted the inherent functions, I explained that it would be up to you to go there or not, who read the article was fully aware of the situation. Now I don't know why they said this to us at THE COMPANY and now that some went there, they said that they are no longer taking it. But folks, we warned you that this could happen, don't blame the page. I'll try to find out why they did it.

Original Matter

True, official and confirmed offshore vacancies Click Oil and Gas personally, any publication of this nature that is not from our channel, we will not guarantee the ownership of the information if it is from third party sites. I ask you to read the article carefully, as it contains all the details for the selection process, which will avoid future annoyances and frustrations. THEN DON'T SAY YOU WERE NOT WARNED. If some of you don't fit the requirements of the opportunities, please share the post. All in agreement? So let's get to the point below:

The Selection Process

Master Serviços is advising the selection process as of 08/31. There are selection processes at the door and others only by email. At the door, open positions are for Climbing Boilers, N3 Industrial Climbing Supervisors, Climbing Painters, N1 Painting Inspectors, Industrial Painters and Scaffolders. For all these positions, it is necessary to bring RG and CPF (CNH does not work), diploma or certificate of completion of high school, CBSP certificate and experience. Resumes must be up to date, with the date of delivery and signed. Proof of residence must be from the last month at the most! The process will continue until next week, but the exact day it will end could not be determined.


You will send an email to 2 different addresses, the rh@masterserv.com.br and another for auxiliarrrh@masterserv.com.br. The physical address of the company is Av. Pref. Aristeu Ferreira da Silva, 1256C – New Knight, Macaé – RJ, 27930-070. Arriving there, present all the documents described in the 2nd paragraph, you will fill in a form that they will provide at the headquarters.

Master Services


Be aware that if you are not from Macaé, the responsibility is unique and exclusive to yourselves. There will be expenses with food, passage and other expenses related to the detachment. The company did not mention the residency issue, so we cannot confirm the priority in the process. Going there in person is no guarantee that you will be hired. So please don't blame the page for any frustrations. This contract is probably for the Odebrecht Oil and Gas.

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