Start Total: Oil multinational and its official recruitment channel in Brazil

Total: Oil multinational and its official recruitment channel in Brazil

April 14, 2017 11:33 pm to 23:33
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Total: Oil multinational and its official recruitment channel in Brazil

 Total SA has its official recruitment channel for anyone who wants to apply for opportunities in the company

THE Total  is one of the largest companies in the world in the field of exploration and oil production. In Brazil, it has had operations since 1975, divided into 5 branches of the group that include Marketing, Refining, Chemicals, Oil and Natural Gas in its services expertise. Very active and committed to reducing harmful pollutants to human health and the planet, it owns 18% from the North American biotechnology corporation Amyris with the objective of reducing the planet's temperature by at least 2 degrees Celsius. Still in the clean energy business here in Brazil, an incredible team of 2,500 dedicated employees are part of this change goal.

Plans to stay in Brazil for a long time to come

In the view of the Total group, the country is still very promising in the long term and an important asset that will grow exponentially over the years. In previous studies carried out by the company, deposits of oil and gas in Brazil are very promising, taking as an example the Campo de Libra, located in the Santos Basin, with a volume of hydrocarbons beyond imagination under the layer of sea salt. This discovery becomes a great attraction for a company that has great technological and purchasing capacity to produce it and generate many jobs and leverage the local economy, just need to overcome some political obstacles.

About the company

Total SA is a group made up of 17 exploration sites in deep waters. Its main asset here in Brazil is Campo de Libra and Foz, plus five blocks in the Foz do Amazonas Basin, awaiting the imminent environmental release to begin contracting and extracting oil reserves in the region. It is also about to start operations in the Lara Field in the Santos Basin, in which it has a 22.5% stake, in the Lapa field with 35% and in Termobahia, awaiting the release of the ANP.

If you want to apply for jobs at Total SA, register at the link Remembering that this is not fake or sensationalist news, on her official portal here in Brazil you can confirm everything that has been written in this article.


Total – Committed to better energy 

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