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Offshore vacancies confirmed for maintenance contract

March 23, 2018 5:58 pm to 5:58 pm
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The contracts are for activities in the Campos Basin in operations in the city of Macaé in offshore units. Submit your resumes now!

More offshore vacancies confirmed by Click Petróleo e Gás and its associates and followers who follow our portals and social networks on the internet. So prepare your belts because in addition to these opportunities that will be disclosed in this article, there will be much more in the next few days. But first, we'd like to ask you to follow along to share the site's publications to your network of friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, Linkedin, Instagram and any other social media, the more reach we have, the more motivated and the more opportunities we will be scouring to pass on to you all.

A follower of the page alerted us about a selection process that is happening in Macaé at the company Estrutural Serviços Industriais, as it is relatively close to us, we went to check if the “baby” was really getting it. Boy…. It's not that it's true! The contract is offshore for the following functions:

  • Scaffolders
  • painters
  • boilermakers
  • Mechanical Technicians

The company is located at Avenida Nelson Corrêa Brum, nº 680, Aeroporto – Macaé (RJ). Look, we just went there to check the veracity of the information, there's no need for you to go there too and make agglomerations at the company's door. There are 2 ways to send your CV: E-mail and register on the website.

You can send your CV to the address or register your CVS's on the site Remembering that to compete for these opportunities, experience in the function, Salvatagem and Huet courses up to date, in addition to technical or professional courses in the corresponding area will be required. See the photo below if you have any questions:

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