Start Offshore company in Macaé is catching on, priority for former UTC employees

Offshore company in Macaé is catching on, priority for former UTC employees

October 19, 2017 5:39 am to 5:39 am
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Offshore company entering into a contract to maintain platforms in the Campos Basin, opens a selection process.

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Finally the offshore, oil and gas sector started to gear up for good. Another series of opportunities for professionals who need replacement in the market. Cobrasil started to call several professionals, giving priority to former UTC employees who suffered a collective layoff in July this year (read the article here), but this does not mean that other professionals cannot apply for the company's vacancies, as long as they have the necessary attributions, of course.

Professionals needed

Boiler with Rope Access Course, can be Irata or Abend. Industrial or conventional climbing painters. Scaffolders, Electricians and Helpers. Interested and within the profile, send an email with the function to or If the first email comes back, it must be because it is overloaded, in which case send it to the second one.(If none of the emails are working, try with another account or wait about 7 days to send again). In the tests we did, the second email is working normally.

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