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Macaé offshore company resumed hiring today in many roles

Paulo Nogueira
01-08-2017 18:31:05
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Macaé offshore company resumed hiring today in many roles

Large offshore firm in Macaé has rehired in many roles in celebration of yet another maintenance contract

Another great moment for workers offshore just arrived. Alphatec Engenharia has just opened its 3rd selective process in Macaé to maintain platforms in the Campos Basin. You can check the 1st hiring marathon here Or the 2nd accessing this other link.

Remembering that the selection process is official, as it is massively publicized on social networks its selection process in many functions. But keep in mind that the selection process is only by email, she emphasizes a lot that not to take printed resumes to the door of the company, unfortunately this modality causes a lot of confusion and disorder in front of the company.

open opportunities

According to Alphatec's publication on its social network today (08/1/2017), the positions available are for:

  • Assistant coach
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Offshore Helper
  • offshore boilermaker
  • Maintenance mechanic
  • Refrigeration Mechanic
  • Hydrojet mechanics
  • Scaffolding assembler

Also remembering that for each of these positions, there are vacancies available for people with disabilities (PWD).

Required qualifications and application

For the positions of Aux. Maintenance/Refrigeration/Hydrojet Technician and Mechanic, a technical course in the area, experience in the function and CREA will be required. It was not specified whether it is mandatory to have the HUET and CBSP course. For Offshore Helper, Aux. Administrative and Scaffolding Assembler, only experience and professional courses in the area are required. If you fit the requested assignments, send an email to avt@alphatec.ind.br, stating in the title name+function+years of experience+city. Example: “Paulo Nogueira – Offshore boilermaker – 2 years of experience – Macaé”

Why has Alphatec publicized so many vacancies?

It turns out that after UTC halted maintenance works on several platforms in the Campos Basin due to Petrobras not having passed on the amounts owed, it laid off many employees, leaving the offshore units without maintenance. In an emergency, Alphatec ended up getting in on the act and taking over the rest of the contracts. See Alphatec's official publication on 08/1/2017 by clicking here.

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