Start Offshore companies with some immediate opportunities

Offshore companies with some immediate opportunities

June 16, 2017 10:15 pm to 22:15
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Offshore companies with some immediate opportunities

Despite the holiday, some offshore companies opened some selection processes today.

It's nothing big, but some offshore companies opened some selection opportunities today via Linkedin and via email. This happens because of the long holiday, which makes companies direct their hiring activities to the week when there will be full activity in the HR sector. But so we don't go blank, apply for today's vacancies if you fit in, it doesn't cost anything, right? Remembering that depending on the day you are accessing this article, vacancies may no longer be available, due to a dynamic selection process. For more opportunities, access the jobs section by clicking here.


Training of Maritime Waterway, Technical knowledge in equipment, materials and operations on board. TBS-1 certificate. Experience on PSV and AHTS ships.

Subsea Offshore Senior and Production Engineer

Must have a degree in Engineering or equivalent, 6 years of experience in oil and gas companies and 3 years as a Subsea or production engineer.

In terms of skills, the candidate must value the safety of people, in the environment and in the work facilities (including in the naval environment), basic knowledge in chemical treatments, reports, intervention operations and logistics. Fluency in English and Portuguese is mandatory.


  • Experience and knowledge of operation with electric winch with Heave compensator
  •  Experience and Knowledge with Crane
  • Advanced / Fluent English
  •  Offshore Experience
  •  CBSP (for those who do not sail) or CIR of Deck Sailor
  •  Experience in SubSea Operation
  • Crane Certificate

Interested and within the qualifications informed above, access the application at

Mechanical Chief

Smartdelivery has an open opportunity for those who prove experience in the portfolio and have a letter of indication of the latest service providers. Interested, send resume to

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