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Offshore companies don't call for a job interview? The CPG spoke with some to find out why

Paulo Nogueira
22-06-2018 07:44:53
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We have been in contact with some offshore and human resources companies to clarify how the candidate evaluation criteria are made, know what was revealed by our newsroom

Offshore companies resume hiring, which despite the slow pace, there is a very large mobilization of the market in this sense. But in practice, professionals who work directly in the operational area do not want to know about this, do they? Statistics, projections and economics are the trades of scholars and scholars in the field, but the practical worker who needs to carry his daily bread is haunted by two pertinent questions: “Where are the jobs and why am I not invited for an interview”?


Well, as we said earlier, we are still far from acceptable, but service providers such as Alphatec Engenharia, Elfe, Manserv, CSE / Aker, ABZ Serviços, Zarpa Crew, CEPEM, among many others, have been officially calling professionals in recent months, facts that triggered by recent oil auctions and restructuring of Brazilian exploration policies that increased demand for services from oil companies.

The market in our country has also opened up to foreigners, although some have had operations in Brazil for some time, information about selection processes was kind of “omitted”, a scenario that is very different today. Just go to the website Baker Hughes or in Weatherford that you will see many Brazilian opportunities, for example.

Why am I not invited for an interview?

We decided to pursue this information on demand from our readers, we spoke with some professionals in the sector, including managers of these companies, and we were impressed by what was reported. Let's cite the main points:

Talking bad about companies ⇒ Click Petróleo e Gás has many connections and direct contacts with these same organizations, because of this many of them browse and access our publications almost every day, this is natural, because they are also our main sources of information. Some tell us that they observe what you do on social media and get very upset when they defame the company's name, saying that they only hire by referrals and that vacancies are bought. YES, YOUR SOCIAL PROFILES ARE TAGGED, IF YOU SPEAK BADLY ABOUT THE COMPANY PUBLICLY, IMAGINE BEHIND YOUR BACK!

Unidentified emails ⇒ when it comes to sending emails to companies, many people just make fatal mistakes! It was reported to our team that messages are not properly identified and when Click Petróleo e Gás publishes a selection process, for example, they receive thousands of resumes at once, so how do you stand out? Simple! If the vacancy asks for an Electrical Technician, with 2 years of experience and command of English, put the following in the title of the email: “Electrical Technician – 2 years of experience – English”, there are people posting things like…”I need a job, I'm unemployed, how can I work with you?”… Which email do you think companies will open? It's obvious, isn't it?

Badly formatted resumes ⇒ Amazingly, the simplest of all cases are the ones that cause big problems. Portuguese mistakes, do not put the period worked in companies and poorly organized. Your CV is your gateway, it's your face and for each company you send, it will be a different one!

Bulk shipments and outside your area of expertise ⇒ If you are one of those people who send CVs all the time and for any vacancies that appear, we have bad news: E-mail servers have anti-spam systems, they can identify when a message is excessive or inconvenient, probably the company wants to be aware of your nominations. It has been reported that even a gas station attendant has been applying for offshore positions. Guys, frankly! O The oil and gas sector is one of the most restricted on the planet, you must have many courses, qualifications and certifications, it's no use that without them there is no possibility of entering this field. If you're with them, imagine without!

Go to the company only if requested ⇒ The company asks you to send your CV's by email, even so, there are many who insist on laughing at the company's door. Human Resources will not leave the office to assist you as they please, at most the concierge will receive, but honestly this method is not very effective, in addition to causing a lot of inconvenience.

We hope that some of these factors mentioned will help you to understand some of the main problems that cause companies to “no contact”. There are millions of unemployed, it is impossible for companies to analyze all CVs, to “be awarded” with a selection process, at least, it will be necessary to follow the procedures mentioned above, there is no other way! Click Petróleo e Gás is always close and in constant contact with them, so stay tuned for our news and opportunities, here are some reports from our followers:


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Paulo Nogueira
With technical training, I worked in the offshore oil and gas market for a few years. Today, my team and I are dedicated to bringing information from the Brazilian energy sector and the world, always with credible and up-to-date sources.