Start Offshore Companies Disclose Emails for Various Opportunities Today

Offshore Companies Disclose Emails for Various Opportunities Today

July 4, 2017 2:02 am to 2:02 am
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Clear sign of optimism from offshore companies on 7/4/2017 this week shows that the oil and gas sector is starting to heat up

Compared to a few months ago, the offshore companies seem to be starting to gain confidence and start to open up some new hires on a regular basis after the Brazil Offshore Fair, which ended up showing the interests of oil and gas corporations and continuing investment in the pre-salt and in the Campos Basin

Forklift Operators, Cargo Handling Assistant and Parts Washer

Pacific RH, which is a large offshore consulting and recruitment company, has three vacancies today, they are:

  • Forklift Operators
  • Cargo Handling Assistant
  • Parts Washer

For all positions, it is essential that the 2nd degree be completed, hold the Forklift Operator course and from 1 year on activities in the area purchased in CLT. Interested, you can send your emails to, informing the name of the vacancy in the title of the message.


Polar has great expertise in supplying inputs for offshore, onshore and throughout the industry chain. Today it has vacancies for drivers who have an AC or E license, because it will be necessary to transport cargo between Rio de Janeiro, São João da Barra (Porto do Açú) and Campos. Because of this, it is mandatory that candidates live in Macaé and know how to travel through the cities mentioned above. If you get interested, click here and fill in the data. Then attach a CV and send it.

Equipment Inspector

Who wants to apply for this vacancy, will need to have courses in Measurement Instrumentation, good spoken/written English, at least 3 years working in this field, have a Welding Inspector course and live in the Lagos Region. Interested, send your abstracts to

Offshore Free Lancer Translators

Fluency in English is essential, as you will translate materials for training workers on board and on land. It is essential that the candidate knows the NR's fully and lives in Rio das Ostras Ou Macaé. The contact email is, if you are interested.

Occupational Safety Technicians

Professional with solid knowledge in accident prevention in the oil and gas segment (advanced level). Interested, apply clicking here.

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