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Brazilian offshore opened its official selection process for many functions

Paulo Nogueira
13-07-2017 00:56:37
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Large national offshore company has opened vacancies for platform maintenance in many roles shortly after UTC exits the game. Coincidence?

The world of oil and gas, above all offshore, is a dynamic and unpredictable sector. Coincidence or not, right after the Petrobras and UTC began exchanging charges of debts or overpayments with each other, Elfe Engenharia officially announced its selection process for many boarding opportunities. Next, see the vacancies available in the company and send your resumes only if they match the qualifications required to “not be blacklisted by the company”

Available vacancies

The positions available at Elfe Engenharia are BOILER DRAWERS, REFRIGERATION MECHANICAL TECHNICIANS, CLIMBING WELDERS, VALVE MECHANICAL TECHNICIANS, INSTRUMENTATION, ELECTRONICS and AUTOMATION TECHNICIANS. Remembering that for all vacancies with their respective attributions that will be listed below, the Salvatagem and HEUT courses will be required.

Boiler eyeliner – the professional must be trained as a technician and have the CREA up to date, with at least 4 years in planning activities, focusing on boiler works and tank maintenance

Refrigeration Mechanical Technician - CREA, technical course in Mechanics and experience on the job will be required.

climbing welder – must have an Irata or Abendi course, at least 2 years of experience, and be qualified in various welding systems such as TIG/ER and RX Total.

Valve Mechanic - must be trained as a technician in a regular education institution, must show practical experience in valves and through a letter from other previous companies where the service was provided.

Instrumentation, Electronics or Automation Technician – everyone must have the CREA, experience in the function, NR-10 and course/knowledge in PLC's of pneumatic programming.

If you fit strictly into the job assignments, send your resume today to recruitment01@elfe.com.br. It is very important to mention the job title in the subject, otherwise the email will be discarded. Only candidates from the state of Rio de Janeiro. In the future it will also open to Scaffolders and Painters, so stay tuned.

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