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Official: Porto do Açú wins a shipyard contract for the assembly and manufacture of vessels

Paulo Nogueira
24-07-2017 18:00:42
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Prumo Logística and GranEneregia Dumo merger

Prumo Logística and GranEneregia have just created the consortium for activities in Porto do Açú in a shipyard, personal employment!

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]O Port of Açu has high expectations after a major contract was recently signed for port logistics implementation and activities, which will also include the construction of a shipyard. This contract is an agreement between GranEnergia and Prumo Serviços de Navegação (PSN). The merger of these two subsidiaries is now called Dome Serviços para Indústria de Óleo e Gás. Its installation will be in the municipality of São João da Barra, in the interior of Rio de Janeiro.

This merger between these two corporations had already been announced in 2016. The two companies will participate as majority partners, that is, 50% for both. At this first moment, this pact will be carried out through a consortium, as more specifications become available, the contract will be modified for specific consolidations.


The initial objective is for the Dome to be a state-of-the-art shipyard, in the first instance, the activities will be to assemble, modernize and manufacture vessels. Afterwards, machinery modernization, spool manufacturing, modules, structures, etc. will be included. The logistical support for the offshore and maritime sector will also be a great differential for all companies installed there.

Wellington Abreu, a research professional in this field, speaks with great excitement about this new cycle of prosperity in Porto do Açú. He adds that it is practically impossible for this project to fail. Remembering that the Chinese want to invest heavily in the region so that Açú becomes their main import and export port.

The defined place for the Dome to be installed will be on the left side of the shore of Terminal 2 of Porto do Açú. Its initial area will be 47 thousand square meters, of which 17 thousand m² have already been built as: administration buildings, sheds, workshops and so on.

Dome alone has about 460 meters of pier available for use whenever it wants and one more reserve if it wants to expand its operational capacity, this will vary according to market demands and the amount of services. Stay tuned, as soon as the selection processes and official contacts for the hirings come out, CLICK PETRÓLEO E GÁS is committed to publicizing the opportunities at Dumo at the right time! Until then, enjoy our Official Facebook page and enter our EMPLOYMENT GROUP ALSO. Source: Extra

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