Start Odebrecht informs that it has won another bid for government works

Odebrecht informs that it has won another bid for government works

May 6, 2018 4:58 pm to 4:58 pm
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The contractor will build the BRT de Belém, which was budgeted at 525 million reais. Odebrecht wins second bid in less than 30 days

Apparently, the Odebrecht Engineering and Construction (OEC) is coming back with full force after agreements with the justice resulting from the actions of Lava Jato. It has simply been winning bids one after the other and with large projects in the construction business. This week, she had already announced that won the construction works for the São Mateus Port Center, in Espírito Santo (read the article here), and which must hire more than 2,500 people.

In this new bid, Odebrecht will build the Belém BRT, which will be responsible for the Metropolitan BRT Trunk Bus System, remembering that this was announced by the contractor itself. But the government that launched the bids said it has not yet chosen the winner and is still analyzing proposals from other contractors. Look, the contractor claims that it has already talked about these works and the government said that it has not yet selected, but no one knows how Odebrecht predicted or is guaranteeing itself in this way.

The project includes improving the transport system in the section between Entroncamento and the municipality of Marituba; the construction of alternative roads to the BR-316 highway, such as the extension of João Paulo II and Independência avenues; and the adequacy of roads that integrate the public transport network. The population served is estimated at 1 million inhabitants in the regions of Belém, Ananindeua and Marituba. The term for the work is 585 days, with the expectation that the process will begin in 2018.

Get to know the 12 Odebrecht subsidiaries

Few know it, but Odebrecht is more than a name, it represents various business sectors in Brazil and around the world, which has led to the company being divided into several subsidiaries, each independent of the other and with different operations in the market.


  • Odebrecht SA
  • Odebrecht TransPort
  • Odebrecht Engineering and Construction
  • Odebrecht Oil and Gas SA (Moved to Ocyan)
  • Odebrecht Realizações Imobiliárias SA
  • Agroindustrial Assets


  • Braskem SA
  • Odebrecht Properties
  • Odebrecht Administradora e Corretora de Seguros Ltda.
  • odeprev
  • Odebrecht Foundation (Foundation)
  • Odebrecht Defense and Technology

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