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Odebrecht Engenharia & Construção opens enrollment

Paulo Nogueira
06-05-2018 18:00:35
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odebrecht youth internship

There are 30 vacancies for young people who want to do vacation internships at Odebrecht. Check out the opportunities and how to apply

Created in 2011, the program aims to provide students with an internship opportunity during the vacation period established by the University calendar. In addition to putting into practice the knowledge acquired in the classroom, the selected students have the opportunity to experience the culture of the Odebrecht Group through the exchange of experiences and interaction with leaders.


  • Higher education in progress in the following courses: Administration, Systems Analysis, Accounting Sciences, Computer Science, Communication, Law, Economics, Engineering and Psychology. Other courses will be evaluated according to the emergence of new vacancies during the selection process;

  • University students enrolled from the 4th semester;

  • Internship availability: 30 hours per week.


  • Registration: May
  • Online Tests (General Knowledge/Updates, English, Portuguese and Logical Reasoning): May / June
  • Video Preview: June
  • Academic Performance Assessment: June
  • Final Interview (Skype): June
  • Results Release: July
  • Admission: July

Scholarship Aid and Benefits:

  • Scholarship compatible with the market;
  • Life insurance;
  • Meal vouchers or meals in the project cafeteria;
  • Transport voucher or chartered bus.


  • All stages of the selection process will be carried out remotely;
  • Communication between Odebrecht and the candidate will take place via email, so we advise you to check your inbox frequently (including junk mail);
  • Update your contact details (phone/email/address) whenever they change;
  • Before completing the application, make sure your CV on Vagas.com is up to date;
  • All messages sent to your email will be available on your “Services Exclusive Page”. To verify the messages, you must enter your login and password on the Vagas.com website;
  • Candidates who do not complete any stage of the selection process within the specified period will be automatically excluded from the process;
  • All returns (positive or negative) will be sent to your email after completing each step.

For more information, access the application page here..

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