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Odebrecht is back with everything and starts hiring for civil construction works

Paulo Nogueira
13-03-2018 18:09:16
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Odebrecht is back with everything and starts hiring for civil construction works

The selection process is so monstrous that Odebrecht was forced to publish the updated hiring in the newspaper on March 12

THE odebrecht has been slowly recovering as it honors its legal commitments, this naturally makes investors trust the company again and it returns to participate in bids. At its worst, the contractor was forced to change the name of its subsidiary that operates in the offshore oil and gas sector to Ocyan, in order to revitalize its brand in the market and attract new investments, oddly enough, the strategy has been bearing good fruit.

Odebrecht's civil construction segment suffered a profound shock, but it managed to turn things around and has managed to close some projects. The most recent was released on March 12, 2018 in a classifieds newspaper for immediate hiring with direct email. See what the vacancies are below:

  • Submerged Arc Welders
  • Wire Tubular Welders
  • Coated Wire Welders
  • grinder
  • Blowtorch

These are vacancies for immediate hire, reliable sources say that there will be more hires for this same venture over the next few days/months for other types of professionals, so stay tuned for publications on the page, as soon as they are confirmed, we will rectify this article with the remaining charges. Check out the newspaper publication below:

To apply for these vacancies, you will need to send your CV to the email  recruitment.prosub@odebrecht.com, informing in the subject the function – name – city of residence. Good luck to everyone and when you have been called, please let us know how the selection process is progressing. Some say that these vacancies are false, others say that they contacted the company, and the answer was that the CV's should be sent to this e-mail, either yes or no, send it anyway.  Remembering that we will be raffling off courses for free in the offshore, oil and gas field, Find out what the rules are and how to participate by accessing this article.

You may already know but it's good to reinforce. Petrobras announced that it will build 13 more platforms to operate in the Santos e Campos Basin. Shipyards cross their fingers and hope that these works stay in Brazil. See the full article and give your opinion, some say it's a political campaign and others say that this pronouncement would already be in Pedro Parente's plans.

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