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New offshore company arrived in Rio de Janeiro and will start its activities in 2018

Paulo Nogueira
25-08-2017 12:35:00
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Oil States and MR Inspection Rio de Janeiro

Offshore giant in the risers segment arrived in Brazil, acquired 100% from another company in the field and is already installing. Opportunities in sight.

The Oil States company offshore is maximizing its horizons in the inspection sector of DPR's (drill risers), therefore, it ended up buying the company MR Inspection last week. With this aggregation, the company's activities will take place both onshore and offshore. The CEO of the Brazilian branch, Marcio Robles, reported that in the future the company will also work in production DPR, nowadays it only works in drilling. Subsea equipment and connector fabrication are on the agenda as well.

Why did Oil States buy MR Inspection?

The main objective of Oil States was to save on logistics, since to carry out the inspection and maintenance of these risers, it is necessary to unload the equipment, then embark it again, this demands a lot of cost and time. Based on that, it was decided to buy MR Inspection, as it is the only one with this kind of expertise. With the development of a technology, it is now possible to greatly reduce these costs, since this type of work can be done offshore now.

New contracts on the way

It is being highly requested by large companies in Brazil and Singapore. Many offshore companies are already asking for quotes. The company is really experiencing a great moment of optimism.

The company's factory in the state of RJ

Next year, the installation of the factory in Santa Cruz-RJ will be fully operational. It will manufacture casing connectors, subsea equipment such as Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM) and Pipeline End Termination (PLET). As advances and productivity in the pre-salt become more challenging, the company will also start to manufacture flex joint.

She will grow a lot in Brazil

Oil States is completely confident that Brazil will make a giant leap forward. The next rounds of oil auctions will be decisive for the company, as national and international companies will seek it out in search of its specialized services. There will be many signings and the market will be very heated.

Oil States Resume and Contacts Bank

[sociallocker id=”2642″] To apply for positions at Oil Estates under FUTURE CONTRACTS, Create an account here. There is also an email from a branch in Macaé that is rh.macae@oilestates.com, but it's not worth sending resumes now, when she discloses all the occupations and assignments for the positions, we'll post it here.[/sociallocker]

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