New Heineken factory in MG promises to generate more than 11 thousand jobs and run 100% with the use of renewable energy

new Heineken factory - jobs - job vacancies - renewable energy - sustainable Heineken factory in Pedro Leopoldo – Photo: Heineken/Disclosure

Expected to generate more than 11 thousand job opportunities, the new Heineken factory, in MG, is scheduled for mid-2025. All its construction and operation will be properly supplied with the use of renewable energy, aligning the factory with environmental goals from one of the biggest breweries in the world.      

Last Wednesday (27), the governor of the State of Minas Gerais, Romeo Zema, went to the city of Passos, in the south of MG, to participate in the announcement of the construction and operation of the new Heineken factory. The new factory in MG will have an investment estimated at R$ 1.8 billion, in addition to generating around 350 direct jobs and more than 11 thousand indirect. The Heineken factory will run entirely on renewable energy.

New Heineken factory will start operations in mid-2025

Company will invest R$ 1.8 billion in the construction of its 15th unit in Brazil, which will generate 350 direct jobs and 11 thousand indirect jobs – Cristiano Machado / Imprensa MG

The 15th unit of the Heineken group in Brazil is scheduled to start operating in 2025. In the new plant, in addition to Heineken, the pure malt brand Amstel will also be produced. Its annual production capacity is estimated to be over 5 million hectoliters.

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The Heineken factory will be the most sustainable of the brewery in the country, as it will be 100% supplied with renewable energy sources. With the failure in the process of installing the factory in the city of Pedro Leopoldo, metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, the governor and his team decided to do everything they could to ensure that the Heineken factory remained in MG.

Understand how Passos was chosen to be the next city to receive a Heineken factory

Governor of Minas Gerais, Romeu Zema, announcing Heineken factory in Passos, MG. – Playback/Youtube

According to Heineken representatives, Passos was chosen due to its water availability, in addition to its socioeconomic development and logistical ease for supplying the entire state of MG and the Southeast region.

However, the initial idea was to implement the Heineken factory in Pedro Leopoldo, according to the plan made at the end of 2020. However, the land where the factory would be built is close to the area of the Lapa Vermelha cavities, where it was found the oldest human fossil in the Americas. Out of respect, Heineken has reconsidered any construction near the site. With this, a new city selection process was opened.

Around 300 municipalities in MG applied, but only 3 were finalists, being Uberaba, Uberlândia and Passos. After analyzing each municipality in detail, Heineken decided that Passos was the ideal city for the installation of its new manufacturing unit.

With strong advances in public policies created by the Government of MG, the life of those who generate employment and income in the state has been simplified, even for the entrepreneur. In addition to the more than R$ 211 billion of private investments attracted to the state, the region dommpp0 Sul de Minas was responsible for another R$ 6 billion, creating more than 19 thousand direct jobs in 93 projects in 15 municipalities in Minas Gerais. And not only Heineken, Passos also attracted an Ipiranga Agroindustrial plant to MG, with the forecast that it will be invested around R$ 402 million, in addition to generating 200 direct jobs.

The Heineken brewery in Brazil

The Heineken Group currently has 14 factories and 25 Distribution Centers in Brazil, in addition to generating more than 13 thousand direct jobs. In addition to the legitimate Heineken beer, the company also manufactures and markets its sub-brands, such as Sol, Kaiser, Bavária, Lagonitas, Bavaria Premium, Bavária 0.0%, Xingu, Amstel, Kirin Ichiban, Schin, No Grau, Devassa, Baden Baden , Eisenbahn, Cintra and Glacial. In 2017, the brewery Heineken acquired the company Brasil Kirin, becoming the second player in the Brazilian beer market, with approximately 20% of the market.

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