Start Nautical market in Brazil invoices R$ 2 billion, lives a historic moment and luxury boats are sold with a queue

Nautical market in Brazil invoices R$ 2 billion, lives a historic moment and luxury boats are sold with a queue

April 15, 2022 12:00 pm to 12:00 pm
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Sale of luxury vessels in the country overcomes the global crisis and moves R$ 2 billion in 2021. Queues for the purchase of yachts are formed and foreign companies start to build their vessels in Brazil.

The Brazilian nautical market overcomes the global crisis caused by the coronavirus and earned R$ 2 billion last year alone, according to data from the Brazilian Association of Boat Constructors and their Implements, ACOBAR. It does not stop there, the sector promises to grow 10% this year generating queues for the purchase of yachts.

With an eye on the expansion of the Brazilian market, international manufacturers start to build their vessels in Brazil, have brought their models to the country in the chance of attracting buyers or, who knows, even investors, since the boat rental market here is also attractive.

To give you an idea, the mega yacht Azimut Grande 27 Metri, the same model recently purchased by player Cristiano Ronaldo and valued at R$ 50 million, has already had nine models sold in Brazil and currently has a 15-month waiting list. The luxury vessel began to be produced in Santa Catarina in 2020.

Check out the video below and get to know the luxury yacht recently purchased by player Cristiano Ronaldo

The model has up to six suites, in addition to a home theater, gym and games room. Manufactured by the Ceará shipyard Inace, the objective of the launch is to attract buyers from abroad and show that the country has the capacity to export yachts. from Rio de Janeiro. The yacht, the only one that makes an interoceanic crossing, has 450 m2 of social area and can have 100% of its interior defined by the buyer. The new owner, who did not want to be identified, asked for a playroom and sauna to be installed on the deck.

According to Ernani Paciornik, president of Grupo Náutica, which organizes the Rio Boat Show and the São Paulo Boat Show, the search for yachts goes beyond the world of millionaires. “You can start by buying an R$ 50 thousand boat and then you can start thinking about getting a bigger one”, he says. Paciornik explains that the success of recent years is a direct reflection of the pandemic and social isolation.

“People realized that leisure is important and saw boats as an option. It's like a country house, but the boat is an island and takes you anywhere,” he says. Brazil has more than seven thousand kilometers of coastline, not to mention the rivers and dams that also accept the presence of vessels.

For him, buying a boat, be it a luxury yacht or a more economical model, is like having “a second car”. Something possible for a certain part of the middle class. For those who have the desire to acquire a luxury or economic vessel, there are banks that work with financing.

French luxury catamaran, valued at R$ 6.5 million, is an international highlight and has sales representatives in Brazil

One of the international highlights is the Lagoon 46. The French luxury catamaran, valued at one million euros, or R$ 6.5 million, can have three to four suites and intends to be part of a new generation of vessels of this type. . The office responsible for the launch has representatives in Brazil to carry out the sale. Watch the video below and take a tour on this luxury ship:

And for those who prefer “a simple boat”, you can count on the sports version of the Ventura shipyard, whose main feature is a device that allows the sportsman to choose which side of the boat he wants the wave to form and thus practice wakeboard and Surfing on the high seas. At 22 feet and 6.6 meters long, it is valued at R$ 450 thousand. If the Brazilian is just discovering this market, it is good to research before buying. The options have never been so many.

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