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Offshore multinationals from the pre-salt layer opened jobs today 06/07/2017

Paulo Nogueira
06-07-2017 00:38:09
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Pre-salt offshore multinationals opened job vacancies today 06072017

Many offshore and industry vacancies with e-mails and official registration on updated company recruitment websites.

companies of oil industry and gas offshore, have launched many opportunities today for various segments of the industry. Pay attention to the qualifications required by the corporations and beware of errors in Portuguese when applying. Remembering that the links in bold and in different colors, are to be clicked, because they will take you to the official recruitment sites of the oil companies for the registration. BUT ATTENTION! Depending on the day you are accessing this article, the links may be broken, due to the selection processes having an expiration date. The vacancies are below:


This professional must have a course in Mechanics technical level, and know how to deal with measurement systems and large routines of a Mechanical Turner. If interested, send your CV to opportunities@mestrasolucoesemrh.com.br.

Boiler Chief

Must also be graduated in Mechanics, have the courses of NR13,33 and 35 up to date. Must have experience in boilermaking routines in oil and gas companies. If you fit, send your CV to opportunities@mestrasolucoesemrh.com.br

Interns in Human Resources

Wilson Sons – owner of a portfolio of 19 PSV vessels operating in Brazil. Today she has vacancies for interns in Human Resources

Drilling Fluid Technicians

Airswift – multinational in the oil and gas sector, opened up opportunities for Technicians in Drilling Fluids.

Diesel Engine Maintenance Technicians

Grupo Sotreq – A very active company in the mining, construction, energy, oil and maritime sectors, it has open opportunities to Diesel Engine Maintenance Technicians.

Technicians and Engineers

HR Consulting – renowned human resources companies, recruit professionals to work in the Santos pre-salt. The charges are for MAINTENANCE TECHNICIANS, MECHANICS, INSTRUMENTALIST and PLANNING. For higher education, there are opportunities to PRODUCTION ENGINEERS, NAVAL, AUTOMATION, MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICIAN.

Offshore Nurse

Renowned HR has vacancies for offshore nurses. Formation of Waterway (Registration and Registration Card – CIR). Advanced English Completed degree in Nursing; Enrollment in COREN and Pre-Hospital Emergency Course.

Click here to apply

Equipment Operators

Candidates must have a complete education or technician in Oil and Gas. Category E license and work with maintenance systems. interested access this link.

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