Siemens multinational offers job openings for candidates with no experience in São Paulo, Jundiaí and Belo Horizonte

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18-04-2022 09:55:12
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Siemens - multinational - vacancies - job vacancies - no experience - Sao-Paulo-Jundiaí-e-Belo-Horizonte Vacancies open to work in the factories of the multinational Siemens – image: Illustration/Canva

Siemens has dozens of new job openings in São Paulo, Jundiaí and Belo Horizonte. Students with no experience and enrolled in courses in various areas can participate

The German multinational automation machinery Siemens announces the opening of new job openings in its talent development program, this Friday morning (15th). Students from various areas and municipalities such as São Paulo, Jundiaí and Belo Horizonte can apply until the 5th of the next month. The company's program aims to develop future professionals to the market. In total, there are 54 vacancies for the second half of this year, available in the municipalities mentioned above.

Understand how the Siemens multinational program will work

New talents will be hired to work in areas such as administration, sales, finance, controlling, quality, after sales, project management, engineering, among others. Throughout the program in São Paulo, Jundiaí and Belo Horizonte, those approved will have the chance to participate in a development plan with various activities.

The development path of the multinational Siemens is made with Onboarding, Internet of Things and its tools, Introduction and Project Management, Emotional Intelligence and Resilience, Agile Mindset, Self-Awareness, Network Communication, Social Projects, Volunteering and Compliance. Those who wish to participate must be attending higher education with training scheduled between July of the next year and July of 2024.

In addition, Siemens requires candidates to be available to work 6 hours a day, which is equivalent to 30 hours a week, as well as intermediate level English.

In this edition of the jobs of the multinational, young people who are studying Data Science, Foreign Trade, Accounting, Environmental Management, Controllership, Economics, Law, Logistics, Marketing, Psychology, Environmental, Energy, Computer, Production, Control and Automation Engineering will be accepted. , Software, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics, Forestry or Electrotechnics, among others.

Apply for job openings in São Paulo, Jundiaí and Belo Horizonte provided by Siemens

Those interested in applying must access the company website on page 99 jobs and register on the platform using some data such as Full Name, CPF, E-mail, among others. On the website, it is also possible to access the areas of operation in São Paulo, Jundiaí and Belo Horizonte. After registration and registration, candidates must complete a selection process entirely online.

Siemens selection has steps such as online registration and tests, video assessment challenge, online dynamics and interview. Approved students will be communicated by Siemens in June.

The start of activities for job vacancies is scheduled for July this year. In addition to remuneration compatible with the market, the multinational also offers great benefits such as transportation vouchers, medical assistance, meal vouchers, life insurance, dental assistance, pharmacy agreement, Gympass and other benefits.

Meet Siemens

Siemens was founded in 1847 and stands out as one of the largest technology conglomerates in the world. The company is currently present in more than 200 countries, providing technological solutions in the areas of digitalization and automation. In the country, the company has been present for 170 years and has contributed to the modernization of Brazilian infrastructure.

Currently, it has 12 fully functioning factories and 7 Research and Development centers spread across the national territory. It is worth remembering that the company believes in everything related to diversity, and also believes that plurality is an important tool for personal and professional growth, being a competitive advantage for the company. In addition, it values various ways of thinking, experiences, backgrounds, specializations and individual attributes.

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