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Multinational seeks Security Coordinator, RSTC, in the drilling area.

Paulo Nogueira
09-07-2018 12:51:08
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Multinational seeks Security Coordinator, RSTC, in the drilling area.

Multinational seeks Security Coordinator, RSTC, in the drilling area with vacancy for Rio de Janeiro.

the multinational Archer Brazil continues in search of RSTC (Rig Safety & Training Coordinator), since last month, to work in Rio de Janeiro. Great opportunity for those who speak English and want to join a foreign company.
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For this function you need to have:

  • Certificate of the Occupational Safety Technician course with MTE registration;
  • CBSP and HUET certificates (desirable);
  • English – advanced level.


  • At least 3 years of experience with Workplace safety;
  • Experience in company Drilling;
  • Experience in Audit;
  • Experience in Accident Investigation;
  • Experience working on board (offshore).

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Main responsibilities of the RSTC (not limited to):

  • Conduct and participate in meetings (safety, pre-shift, toolbox talk with clients) as needed;
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of Archer's procedures and safe offshore practices;
  • Watch and monitor Security Observation Cards related to Archer operations;
  • Conduct area inspections;
  • Assist in the incident investigation process;
  • Being present in the field on tasks that are perceived to have the potential to cause injury/incidents;
  • Contact Toolpusher when there are concurrent administrative tasks that could prevent the RSTC of being in the countryside;
  • Work closely with Ops Planner / Toolpusher regarding upcoming operations;
  • Consult Synergi for lessons learned on upcoming operations to be strengthened;
  • Undertake initiatives to prevent the potential for dropped objects (PDO), as well as conduct regular inspections and report findings through the observation program;
  • O RSTC should motivate teams to constantly look for the PDO in their areas, constantly address issues about TBTs and safety meetings through presentations to management and offshore crew, etc.
  • Conduct platform inductions for new Archer employees or third parties as necessary;
  • Provide support on the facility's onboard competency system;
  • Participate in the audit process when necessary;
  • Perform the role of Emergency Response Team Leader, participating in training and conducting training with the emergency team;
  • Feed and follow up with the customer and Archer Systems regarding incidents;
  • O RSTC should support the meetings of CIPA (Commission on Prevention);
  • Update the list of the Emergency Response Team before the crew change weekly or eventually in case of eventual disembarkation;
  • Provide weekly follow-up of daily/monthly reports to the onshore team;
  • Assist the QHSE onshore team on general topics as needed;
  • Participate in meetings with the onshore HSE team;
  • O RSTC eventually you will be asked to attend the ground safety technician;
  • Any other reasonable tasks as delegated by the Supervisor.

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How to apply for job Security Coordinator (RSTC)

To apply for a vacancy Security Coordinator (RSTC) at Archer you need to access the company website at the link http://archerwell.com and register your data to have access to the curriculum system. It is worth remembering that the registration is entirely in English, a mandatory language for the vacancy and you will have to submit a file with your CV, also in this language.

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Don't leave it for the last minute, RUN.

THE Archer will continue to receive candidates until the beginning of August. RUN, update your CV and send it as soon as possible. As it is a multinational company, which requires fluency in the English language, take advantage of this opportunity and check out the Luis Franco, on how to work abroad, in the field Working Abroad – 5 Indispensable Tips.

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