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Roberta Souza
04-05-2022 22:25:31
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PepsiCo, opened this Wednesday, May 4th, about 30 vacancies for English course opportunities and internship vacancies in cities in Brazil

PepsiCo, one of the largest multinationals in the food industry in the world, announced the opening of internship vacancies and English courses this May. PepsiCo owns brands such as Pepsi, Gatorade and Elma Chips.

In 2022, the company is looking for 30 interns who will work in the areas of Sales, Legal, Operations, Research and Development, Finance and Marketing. PepsiCo seeks university students, of any degree, to intern in the cities of São Paulo, Sorocaba and Itu (SP); Belo Horizonte (MG); Curitiba (PR); Porto Alegre (RS); Petrolina and Cabo de Santo Agostinho (PE).

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Prerequisites to participate

The only condition to participate in the selection of interns and English courses is to be in the last or penultimate year of graduation, with month and year of training scheduled for July 2023 and/or July 2024 and to be studying any higher course.
The duration of the internship and the English course can vary from 1 to 2 years, depending on the training date of the student who is hired.
Another point is that, despite the fact that PepsiCo is an American multinational, it does not charge new employees with a high level of knowledge and skills in the English language, since, upon entering the company, new employees will have free access to English and other language courses.

The selection test will be held online 100% and will have four distinct phases. Soon after registration, the candidate who goes through the selection of initial internship vacancies must present himself in video, audio or text format, among other formats. If the candidate manages to proceed to the selection of internship and English course vacancies, after the initial selection, he will carry out an online assessment that aims to assess the candidate's critical thinking and personality.
After these phases, before the final interview with managers, the candidate must still participate in a group activity called “Escape Room”, which combines usual recruitment practices with gamification and an immersive experience.

According to the website Exam, although the salary range of the internship vacancies in question is not informed, PepsiCo offers its employees a wide range of benefits, which include meal vouchers, medical assistance, dental assistance, transportation vouchers, in addition to birthday day off, flexible, pharmacy agreement, and also the English course that has already been mentioned, among others.

Commitment to increasing diversity in the company

Called “First Gen”, the selection process for the 2022 PepsiCo English internship and course positions is focused on accelerating young people’s personal development journey while increasing diversity within from the company.
In the last cycle of the internship program, PepsiCo hired about 62% from women and 56% from people of color. They continue with the goal of hiring at least 50% of black people and 50% of women, according to the company's objectives and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, as stated by Fábio Barbagli, Vice President of Human Resources at PepsiCo in Brazil.
Also in Brazil, the company remains with the goal of having at least 30% of black people in leadership positions and 50% of female leadership by the year 2025.

Application for internships and English courses

Undergraduates who have enjoyed the opportunity of PepsiCo's internship and English course placements should register through the company's official website. Applications to fill internship vacancies begin this Wednesday, May 4, 2022 and run until June 1 of the same year. For more information, just access the official PepsiCo profile.

Click Petróleo e Gás is not responsible for filling the internship and English course vacancies offered by PepsiCo, only promoting opportunities in various locations in Brazil and the world. To apply for internship vacancies, as well as for English courses, and for more information, go to the website or profile of the company offering the vacancies. Good luck!

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