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Multinational offshore oil companies have started hiring in all areas

Paulo Nogueira
20-07-2017 07:00:03
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Multinational offshore oil companies have started hiring in all areas

The time has come in the offshore sector that many people have been waiting for, oil multinationals are hiring in the loop

While the sector offshore here in Brazil it is very weak, other multinationals around the world are hiring many workers, including our country to act on operational fronts in rigs, drillships and lifting platforms. It turns out that the shortage of these professionals is so accentuated that they decided to search here on official Brazilian recruitment sites. At this time, there are opportunities for Mechanics, Electricians, Pipe Inspectors, Instrumentalists, Electrician Assistants, Crane Operators, Doctors, Radio Operators, Pumpers, Deck Sailor, Machine Sailor, Welders, Area Men, Drillers/Assistants, Radio Operators, Tool Pushers, Mechanical and Electrical Technicians/Engineers, Construction and Production Supervisors. Pay attention to the qualifications and attributions of the position, the emails have already been checked and the HR's have already given “OK” to the hiring of Brazilians, so now it's up to you! Follow the opportunities below:

Carimin Group

Carimin Group has international vacancies for Mechanics, Electricians, Pipe Inspectors and Instrumentalists. It is necessary to have the CBSP, HEUT and Bosiet course up to date and functional, in addition to fluency in English and experience in the functions. Interested send resume in English to mazuin@carimin.com

JDR Energy

JDR Energy has vacancies for professionals who want to work in the Persian Gulf on lifting platforms for the 2017 selection process. The scale will be 28×28 and only candidates who have updated passports without international restrictions will be accepted. Send your CV in English, of course informing the nationality. Vacancies are for:

Electrician's Assistants(2 vacancies), Crane Operators(2 vacancies), Doctors(2 vacancies), Radio Operators(2 vacancies), Pumpers(2 vacancies), Deck Sailor(2 vacancies), Machine Sailor(4 vacancies) , Welders(2 vacancies) and Area Men(2 vacancies). Interested send your CV to harry.reynolds@jdrenergy.com

Emirates Petroleum Company

Emirates Petroleum Company urgently needs oil and gas workers of any nationality to work in the Middle East in the following roles:

Drilling Engineers, Superintendents and Supervisors (2 seats each), Construction and Production Supervisors (2 seats), Mechanical and Electrical Technicians/Engineers (4 seats), Drillers/Assistants, Radio Operators, Tool Pushers, Deck Sailor and Men of Area. Interested and experienced in the role, send your resume to info@emiratespetroleumdrilling.com, informing the country of origin and intended function.


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