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More offshore vacancies have just been announced in Macaé

Paulo Nogueira
19-06-2018 16:08:42
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offshore vacancies macaé Campos Basin

This is the third major sequence of offshore vacancies announced by the company this June in order to fulfill Petrobras contracts in the Campos Basin.

More offshore vacancies just entered Alphatec Engenharia's portfolio about an hour ago (at the date and time of this post), in order to fulfill more Petrobras operational demands. The weather warms up a few days from the ANP releasing the guidelines and norms for  revitalization of mature fields in the Campos Basin, a milestone that will end up generating around 381 thousand jobs, according to expert projections (read the article here). Let's go then the sequence of company calls, WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW FIRST BEFORE ANYTHING:


  • Assistant (Material Logistics)
  • TIG ER Escalator Welder (Offshore)
  • Boiler (Offshore)
  • Climber Painter (Offshore)
  • N3 Climber (Offshore)
  • Offshore Production Supervisor
  • Welding Inspector LP PM Escalator (Offshore)
  • Climbing Paint Inspector (Offshore)
  • Security Technician (Offshore)
  • Maintenance Electrician (Offshore)
  • Power and Control Electrician (Offshore)
  • Climber Electrician (Offshore)
  • Intern (Secretary)
  • Light Vehicle Driver (Transport)
  • Monitoring and Control Technician (Offshore)
  • Materials Technician

As you already know from time to time we publish here, the offshore vacancies at Alphatec are extended to people with special needs as well. Everyone must have experience, courses and training in the areas of interest. To forward your CVs, send an email to avt@alphatec.ind.br, informing in the “SUBJECT” field the position for which you are applying.

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