Start More offshore and onshore vacancies released by Alphatec today

More offshore and onshore vacancies released by Alphatec today

April 13, 2018 5:20 pm to 5:20 pm
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As it was unable to fill its offshore operational contingent completely in the last selection, Alphatec is obliged to open another selection process today

More jobs in industry offshore in Macaé through Alphatec Engenharia today, so enjoy because they were posted this morning of April 13, 2018, in other words, they are up to date. But before anything else, there is a maintenance stop that will start to be contracted from the 16th, access the article because the opportunities are for the industrial center in Carajás, they are paying accommodation for those who are from outside.

Alphatec's vacancies

In order for your applications to be evaluated, you will need specific training and qualifications in the area, the more courses and certificates, the more chances of an evaluation you will have. Attach your certificates to the email along with your resume so that the company can make a more accurate pre-selection in this first stage. Vacancies are for:

  • ENE Administrative Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant Offshore Production
  • Technical Planning Assistant
  • designer designer
  • Operational Surveillance Concierge
  • Tiger Climber Offshore Welder

Interested and within the function, send your resume to, informing the name of the function in the title of the message and remembering that the vacancies are extended to Persons with Special Needs. Noting that the vacancies for Storekeeper, Helpers, Interns, N2 Climbers and Paint Inspectors have already been filled, so there is no longer any need to apply for these functions until now.

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