Start Another 3,000 jobs in Macaé will be created by April: Petrobras is back to investing heavily

Another 3,000 jobs in Macaé will be created by April: Petrobras is back to investing heavily

February 19, 2018 10:00 am to 10:00 am
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According to Abaspetro, new Petrobras tenders will require maintenance, painting, equipment and boiler replacement services until April.

THE Petrobras ended the year 2017 with very optimistic numbers, despite the last 3 years of low investment because of the investigations that it has been suffering due to corruption investigated by Lava Jato. As its objective now is to increase national oil production in unprecedented numbers, there are many ongoing bids for platforms in the Campos Basin, in addition to the previous ones won by CSE, Eneasa and Cobra. The municipalities in the North of the State of Rio de Janeiro will benefit greatly from this new phase, especially Macaé.

There is great expectation at the moment in the region, because many investments and opportunities have already been announced. Great executives and professionals are confident and are injecting back into the sector. After this great crisis that laid off around 40,000 workers in this area, now is the time to raise your head and start the mobilizations. The entire hotel chain in the region is also getting ready and expects great numbers in a short time.

As mentioned, until April the biddings will be finalized, the main activities will take place in offshore units in the Campos Basin in many areas, the main focus will be on the maintenance of the platforms, since they will work on the system of revitalization of the assets, in addition to the research in the newly discovered pre-salt in the region as well. In the Santos Basin, there are also many new developments with the opening of more tenders for Conmperj.

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