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Another 17 new oil platforms may be demanded for exploration in Brazil

Flavia Marinho
06-07-2018 08:28:16
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Oil Platforms ANP Oil

to the ANP is optimistic about the demand for 17 new platforms for national oil exploration, will they be built in Brazil?

17 new platforms can leverage business possibilities in the oil and gas sector, creating positive expectations regarding investments, increases in employment opportunities, appreciation in the international market and the demonstration of strength for the country's economic recovery. But the Director General of the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), Décio Oddone, has expressed concern regarding the rules for contracting the Shipyards, "will the contracts be made in the local chain of suppliers or will the preference for foreign shipyards be maintained?". According to Décio Oddone, profits would exceed R$ 1.8 trillion if the start of the project is confirmed.

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With some changes in the onerous legislation, the State-owned companies lose by law the priority in the bids, giving the opportunity to build units in other countries, thus affecting the National Shipyards and reducing the thousands of opportunities in Brazil. After changes in the law on state-owned companies, Petrobras presented changes in its bidding rules. Below is the text of the State-owned company presented in the Official Gazette here.

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 Clearly, the Brazilian oil and gas sector can leverage these 17 new platforms once and for all, and most of them will be demanded by multinational oil companies already present in our country and with many assets acquired in the last auctions. If you want to hitch a ride in the sea of possibilities in this sector, it is necessary to study, qualify and improve your knowledge even more. sand you want advice and help to get into this business, watch this video by Luis Franco, it can be of great help right now.

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