Start MODEC starts a new hiring phase. Access and register now!

MODEC starts a new hiring phase. Access and register now!

November 8, 2017 5:01 pm to 5:01 pm
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Modec Offshore vacancies

MODEC Human Resources Analyst is urgently seeking workers to complete the company's staff

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Work at MODEC it's the dream of many professionals in the oil and gas industry, but it really is for few if you have little or no qualifications. But the company decided to soften up and even reduced a little the requirements for candidacy in the company. This is because he has a deadline to hire certain employees but he is having a little difficulty, even for operations in Brazil.

  • Technicians and Mechanics – Perform maintenance activity, including machinery and equipment related to the Operation and Repair Departments, and emergency equipment. Ensuring the safety and efficient operation of all equipment and machines. apply here
  • Machine Room Supervisor – Assist, coordinate and carry out maintenance activities to ensure the safety and proper functioning of the entire plant and machinery and all instruments / control systems under the guidance of the Maintenance Supervisor / Superintendent. apply here 
  • Inspection Technicians – Carry out, certify and supervise the inspection of the equipment at any stage of production, from reception. construction, assembly or operation, interpreting and recording the results. apply here
  • Boiler and Utilities Operator – Assist, operate and maintain all main/auxiliary equipment interconnected with the Engine Room operation intended to support the unit's operation as requested by the engine room supervisor. Reporting to the supervisor in case of any anomalies that occurred during their routine tasks. apply here 
  • Offshore Planner – Ensure the existence of work orders, material requisitions, detailing services, planning and control of material for shipment and other related activities. apply here 

  • Production Operators – Carry out the operation of the process plant and production-related equipment in a safe and efficient manner, following the guidelines of the CCR Operator and the Production Supervisor. Act as a Leader of the entire Production Operations team, using his senior experience and knowledge to carry out a world class operation. apply here 
  • Radio Operators – Communicate internally and externally according to the instructions and needs of the OIM. Control the POB of the aircraft. Transmission and reception of documents. apply here 
  • Cargo Technicians – Carry out all loading operations at the facility safely and efficiently, in accordance with the Immediate Supervisor's instructions and guidance from the Cargo Supervisor. apply here 
  • Production supervisor – Carry out the operation of process plant and production related equipment, safely and efficiently, under the direction of the Process Superintendent. Ensure that the PTW and Isolation system is adhered to and managed. Responsible for the shift supervision of Production staff and contractors. apply here 

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