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MODEC is having difficulty finding specific professionals for its operations in Brazil

Paulo Nogueira
20-01-2018 13:54:22
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Due to the difficulty of finding professionals with the specific requirements, training and experience, MODEC is obliged to search for them on social networks.

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]A MODEC It's one of the most significant oil and gas companies for Petrobras in terms of production platforms in Brazil at the time. With its incredible fleet installed in the country in the pre-salt assets and with the recent bids won for more units that will arrive until 2022, it began to feel a lack of professionals who have the necessary requirements to run its operations in the national territory.

You see, we are aware that there are many great professionals in the market who are standing still and relentlessly seeking relocation, but the offshore segment is one of the most restricted and specific in the world, it is not enough to be a good professional, you need qualification, training and a series of knowledge that is not easy to obtain anywhere! An FPSO, for example, is composed of seafarers, technicians and engineers, each responsible for a specific task that only Paid or Federal Courses can provide.

One of the reasons why many people can't get into Modec

Although the person in charge of Modec's Human Resources goes on social media to summon the professionals that you can clearly see in the photo below, many professionals (so they say they are) enter the company's profile (post) to SPEAK BADLY ABOUT THE COMPANY! Are you thinking it's a lie? See the print below. If it's bad enough to talk bad about companies everywhere, imagine you go on their recruitment site and keep saying these things. It's professional suicide!

Understand, if the MODEC hires or not through indications, it is not up to you to give an opinion or criticize on this matter, even because if you do not present evidence, in addition to getting “burned” with the company, your CPF's and your profiles are recorded in its database. It's up to you to just send or register your resume, ask for thank you and it's over there! See other MODEC publications by clicking here.

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