Grupo Mirassol is offering several job openings in São Paulo

Roberta Souza
06-05-2022 21:57:54
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Grupo Mirassol's job openings are for the municipalities of Jundiaí, Guarulhos, Pindamonhangaba, Cubatão and Louveira, in the state of São Paulo.

Grupo Mirassol, a logistics company, is offering several job openings in the state of São Paulo this May 6th. With salaries up to R$ 3,500, the job openings are for operators, interns, assistants, leaders, consultants and more.

About the company

Grupo Mirassol is formed by Expresso Mirassol, Mirassol Logística, ILC and M3, emerged from a history of more than 80 years continuously seeking new technologies in evolution with the market. The main objective of Grupo Mirassol is to generate value for customers, through complete and interconnected solutions throughout the logistics chain. With an entrepreneurial vision, we achieved rapid growth, diversifying our fleet and serving different segments.

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Check out these featured job openings at Grupo Mirassol

job vacancy for Forklift Operator – Jundiai, Sao Paulo

  • Prerequisites: Knowledge and experience in cargo handling with gas and electric forklifts; Experience with conference and storage; Active license; Forklift operator course; NR 11; Complete high school.

vacancy for Administrative intern – Guarulhos, Sao Paulo

  • Prerequisites: Higher Education – Business Administration/Technical Course – Logistics/ Higher Education – Logistics; Intermediate Excel.
  • Main responsibilities: Assist with updating data and methodology of management KPI's reports; Follow mapping of processes and macro-processes, later actively participating in the construction of procedures; Monitoring of actions suggested by leaders, aiming at improving processes and performance; Support in the construction of multidisciplinary reports.

job vacancy for Operational Assistant – Pindamonhangaba, Sao Paulo

  • Prerequisites: Higher Education/attending – Logistics; Knowledge in the area of Transport; Intermediate knowledge in Excel.
  • Main attributions: Access cargo platforms, accept and validate license plate information; Perform routines in the TMS for registering loads, order of collections and others; Perform CTE and MDFe issuance routines in the Manifesto; SM creation; Creation of reports for monitoring and payment; Support in the registration process, check-list of the hired vehicle.

See the complete list of job openings offered by Grupo Mirassol in São Paulo:

  • Junior Project Analyst – Guarulhos, SP;
  • Full Process Analyst – Guarulhos, SP;
  • Junior Support Analyst – Guarulhos, SP;
  • Warehouse – Guarulhos, SP;
  • Jr buyer – Guarulhos, SP;
  • Logistics Supervisor – Louveira, SP;
  • Logistics Assistant – Louveira, SP;
  • Lecturer – Louveira, SP;
  • Forklift Operator – Louveira, SP;
  • Customer Service Analyst – Louveira, SP;
  • Inventory Analyst – Louveira, SP;
  • Quality Analyst – Guarulhos, SP;
  • Junior Planning Assistant Jundiai, SP;
  • Accounts Receivable and Collection Analyst – Guarulhos, SP;
  • Maintenance Leader – Guarulhos, SP;
  • Project and Improvement Leader – Jundiaí, SP;
  • Internal Auditor – Guarulhos, SP;
  • Forklift Operator – Jundiaí, SP;
  • Apprentice Driver – Jundiaí, SP;
  • Junior Logistics Analyst – Pindamonhangaba, SP;
  • Administrative Intern – Guarulhos, SP;
  • Yard Agent – Pindamonhangaba, SP;
  • Commercial Executive – Cubatao, SP;
  • Technical Consultant (Fleet Maintenance) Jundiaí – SP
  • Warehouse Leader – Pindamonhangaba, SP;
  • Project and Improvement Coordinator – Jundiaí, SP;
  • Occupational Safety Manager – Guarulhos, SP;
  • Operational Assistant – Pindamonhangaba, SP;
  • Jr Operational Programmer – Pindamonhangaba, SP;
  • Commercial Executive Jundiaí – Guarulhos, SP;
  • Loading and Unloading Assistant Pindamonhangaba – SP
  • Lecturer – Pindamonhangaba, SP;
  • Logistics Operator – Pindamonhangaba, SP;
  • Logistics Operational Assistant – Pindamonhangaba, SP;
  • Jr Transport Leader – Pindamonhangaba, SP;
  • Jr Operational Programmer – Pindamonhangaba, SP.

Applications for Grupo Mirassol job openings in São Paulo

To apply for jobs at Grupo Mirassol in São Paulo, just click here, select the desired job vacancy and apply.

Click Petróleo e Gás is not responsible for filling the job openings offered by Grupo Mirassol, only carrying out the dissemination of opportunities in various places in Brazil and the world. To apply and find out more information, go to the website or profile of the company that is offering job vacancies and be sure to check out the requirements and activities. Good luck!

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