OPPORTUNITY: Mineradora Vale has more than 100 job openings available for mining professionals in several cities in Minas Gerais

Ruth Rodrigues
30-04-2022 21:10:55
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Minas Gerais workers who work in the mining segment can now apply for the selection processes and try to win one of the job vacancies that mining company Vale is making available in the municipalities of Minas Gerais Photo: Vale Miner

Minas Gerais workers who work in the mining segment can now apply for the selection processes and try to win one of the job vacancies that mining company Vale is making available in the municipalities of Minas Gerais

This past Saturday, (30/04) the state of Minas Gerais is benefiting from more than 100 jobs in the mining sector, after the opening of registrations for the selective processes of the mining company Vale. Thus, the cities of Congonhas, Nova Lima, Mariana, Itabirito, Itabira, Barão de Cocais, Rio Piracicaba and São Gonçalo do Rio Below are the ones covered and await the most qualified workers to start the new journey.

To participate in the selection processes and get one of the job openings at Mineradora Vale, candidates will need to meet some prerequisites

For those who want to participate in the selective process in the job openings of the mining company Vale in the mining sector in the state of Minas Gerais, just access the website (CLICK HERE) and apply for the 88 available positions in the state.

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In this link above, interested parties will find the necessary requirements for registration, documents required and which assignments will be carried out on the website itself, in addition to having access to the procedures that will be part of the selection processes.

Jobs in Barao de Cocais

One of the cities covered by the open enrollment in the selective processes of the mining company Vale for job openings is Barão de Cocais and the positions are: Geotechnics and Typography Coordinator; Railway Operations Officer (2 vacancies) and Full Industrial Emergency Analyst.

Jobs in Congonhas

If you live in Congonhas, you can also perform the registrations for vacancies to work at Vale in the following positions: Electrician II – Maintenance (3 vacancies); Electronics Technician I; Electrician II; Work Safety Engineer and Electrician II – Electrical Maintenance (4 vacancies).

Jobs in São Gonçalo do Rio Below

The city of São Gonçalo do Rio Baixo is benefiting from the following job openings at Vale: Corrective Maintenance Supervisor – Electric; Specialized Production Technician; Master Contract Engineer; Maintenance Technician Assistant – PCD; Toolmaker – PCD (2 vacancies) and Occupational Hygiene Technician II.

Vale jobs in Itabira

Workers in the mining sector residing in Itabira can now apply for Vale's selection processes for the positions of: Master Industrial Emergency Analyst; Full Operational Excellence Analyst; Mine Operation Supervisor; Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Technician; Treatment Manager Conceição II; Treatment Manager Conceição I; Senior PAEBM Analyst; Full Emergency Analyst – Evacuation Mappings; Full PAEBM Analyst – External Technical Actions; Engineer – Mine Operation; Mechanic I; Electrician II and Rolling Stock Maintenance Supervisor.

Jobs in Nova Lima 

Finally, the city of Nova Lima is receiving the most number of applications for the selective processes in Vale's job vacancies, since the mining company is offering the following positions: 

  • Specialized Maintenance Technician – High Voltage Electrical Systems;
  • Specialized Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Technician;
  • Senior Engineer – Structural Integrity;
  • Electrician II – Maintenance;
  • Senior Sustainability Analyst;
  • Master Sustainability Analyst;
  • Senior Geologist;
  • Master Engineer – Technical Equipment Management;
  • Master Performance Management Analyst;
  • Specialist Engineer;
  • Master Environment Analyst;
  • Occupational Safety Coordinator;
  • Performance and Financial Planning Analyst;
  • Senior Engineer – Technical Assistance to the Work;
  • Master Business Analyst – Innovation;
  • Senior Engineer – Quality Management;
  • Full Supply Analyst – Automation and Instrumentation;
  • Senior Engineer – Business Management;
  • Full Administrative Analyst;
  • Master Engineer – Structural Analysis;
  • Senior Sustainability Analyst – Novas Ferrovias;
  • Senior Contract Management Analyst (PCD);
  • Full Engineer;
  • Senior Survey Analyst – PCD;
  • Senior Operational Analyst – PCD;
  • New Business Manager;
  • Master Operational Excellence Analyst;
  • Mechanical Technician II – Maintenance;
  • Electromechanical I;
  • Supervisor Operational Excellence Management;
  • Senior Supply Analyst;
  • Engineer - CPIA;
  • Senior Engineer.

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