GM's Wuling Air mini electric car will have a Premium version for just R$ 39,500

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25-04-2022 12:01:22
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Electric car - Electric mini car - China - -Wuling-Air- Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV is manufactured by General Motors and already represents 20% of the Chinese electric car market – Image: Disclosure

The Hongguang Mini EV Electric Mini Car will receive a more powerful and also slightly larger version. The vehicle that became famous for its affordable value in China and around the world, was named Wuling Air, and will hit the market later this year for a value equivalent to R$39,500.

After the automaker's official announcement last Friday (22), the Wuling Air EV model, China's best-selling electric car, will receive a more refined version in the near future. THE mini electric car, which will feature a more elaborate look, promises to be launched in the 3rd half of this year and will be positioned above the Wuling Mini EV, which is currently the most commercialized electric car in the Asian country. The vehicle is compact and with a modern appearance, which bets on a more square shape and a bolder front compared to its “big brother”.

What will change in China's new electric mini car?

GM Wuling Air Presentation – Playback/Youtube

A big difference from its predecessor is that the Wuling Air will be sold with two body configurations, the first with a shorter wheelbase, with space for 2 people and the other with a longer wheelbase, with space for 4 people. occupants.

The first Wuling Air has a length of 2,974mm, height of 1,505mm, width of 1,631mm, weight of 860kg and wheelbase of 2,010mm. The second configuration has a length of 2,599mm, a height of 1,505mm and a width of 1,640mm and a weight of 760 kg.

To give you an idea, the Chinese bestseller has a wheelbase of 1,940 mm, 2,917 mm in length and weighs 665 kg. Another point is that the design will also undergo changes between its two configurations, where the larger model of 4 occupants, has a lower rear window, with the handle between the window and the door.

China's new electric mini car settings

Produced by the SAIC-GM-Wuling joint venture, the Wuling Air EV is equipped with a electric motor that can deliver 40 horsepower, with front-wheel drive. The other specifications have not yet been released by the company, however, the battery of the mini electric car from China will be phosphate-iron-lithium.

The vehicle will be able to reach a maximum speed of 100 km/h, given the exclusively urban proposal. GM's new electric mini car will be sold in the Asian market in the third quarter of this year, and according to the company, the estimated starting price is 55,000 yuan for the shorter version, which in direct conversion is equivalent to R$ 39,500 and 65,000 yuan for the long-wheelbase model, which is equivalent to R$ 46,500.

Meet the first version of China's electric mini car

Closing the year 2021 in third position in the general sales ranking, with more than 426 thousand units sold, the mini EV stood in front of several well-known cars like the Haval H6.

O Wuling Hongguang Mini EV It has a length of 2,917 mm, width of 1,493 mm and height of 1,621 mm. At the front, the headlights are separated by a black bar. The special Macaron version features LED daytime running lights and gloss black accents on the grille and tailgate.

Its wheelbase is 1,940 mm. If the owners lower the seat, the car is left with 741 liters of space. The interior of the electric vehicle is simple, the dashboard, for example, has a single technological item, which is the digital instrument panel located behind the steering wheel. The Wuling Hongguang Mini EV is equipped with an electric motor that generates a power of 27 horsepower and a torque equivalent to 85 Nm. 

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