Start Minas Gerais seeks Electrical and Automation Supervisor

Minas Gerais seeks Electrical and Automation Supervisor

July 23, 2018 2:12 am to 2:12 am
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Electrical and Automation Supervisor
Bioenergetica Aroeira seeks Electrical and Automation Supervisor

Minas Gerais is looking for an Electrical and Automation Supervisor residing in Tupaciguara-MG to work at Bioenergética Aroeira.

Bioenergética Aroeira is looking for an Electrical and Automation Supervisor to work in Tupaciguara-MG. The company is located in the municipality of Tupaciguara, 50 km from Uberlândia, within the area defined by the Ecological Economic Zoning of the government of Minas Gerais. The region has high aptitude for the cultivation of sugarcane due to several factors, such as the extraordinary availability of areas for planting, the favorable climate, transport logistics and availability of labor.

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The company

Aroeira is a company active in the sugar and ethanol sector with perfect facilities and conditions for internal and external expansion, with competitive and attractive qualities in the market. It currently develops the activities of Distilling Alcohol from Sugar Cane, Manufacturing VHP Sugar and Generating Sugar-Energy Bioelectricity through the burning of bagasse.

It was designed to produce ethanol in a sustainable way, with strict control measures in order to maintain environmental balance and generate benefits for the local population, with development and quality of life.

The vacancy

Electrical and Automation Supervisor to carry out the following activities:

  • Coordinate maintenance, electrical, instrumentation and power house teams, being responsible for the electrical plant, automation and generation of electrical energy and unitary power substations (SEUs);
  • Plan off-season maintenance;
  • Respond for communication by the company and local concessionaire in the necessary demands;
  • Respond in compliance with the NRs related to the area, as well as respond for the company's electrical area with ANEEL, ONS and others;
  • Experience in cogeneration projects and electricity exports is required;
  • Degree in Electrical Engineering – active CREA;
  • Availability to reside in Tupaciguara.

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How to Apply?

To apply for a vacancy Electrical and Automation Supervisor, send your CV to:


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