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Meet the FPSO Navion Norvegia: The sea monster that just left Singapore for Brazil

Paulo Nogueira
30-03-2017 06:57:33
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Meet the FPSO Navion Norvegia The sea monster that just left Singapore for Brazil Meet the FPSO Navion Norvegia The sea monster that just left Singapore for Brazil

As one of the largest FPSOs in the world in terms of daily oil production, Navion Norvegia is on course for Brazil to reinforce the pre-salt layer.

That's what you read in the title, the FPSO Navion Norvegia has just left Singapore and is currently traveling across the Indian Ocean to Brazil, with an expected arrival date around the second quarter of this year (2017). This unit will undergo long-term assessments (TDL) of the Libra blocks, located in the Santos Basin, which starts in the southern part of Rio de Janeiro and ends on the coast of Santa Catarina. The first tests will begin in mid-2017, according to Petrobras.

The association for the construction of this unit was under the responsibility of OOGTK, which managed to convert the tanker in record time to a floating production, storage and transfer unit. Its processing and production power is around 50,000 barrels and carries out gas re-injections on the order of 4 million cubic meters daily.

The operators in the Libra Block are Petrobras, which owns 40% of production, the powerful Shell together with Total which operate with 20% each, CNPC, which is a semi-state in China that maintains 10% and CNOOC, which also it is Chinese but it is a non-governmental company that managed 10% of the operational productivity of that block.

Petrobras was keen to emphasize that the expertise of the companies involved in this consortium, especially Shell and Total, will positively contribute to maximizing productivity in that asset, due to its technological capabilities in deep waters. The main characteristic of CNOOCe and CNPC is their great purchasing capacity and the way they have been operating in recent years, which has definitively completed the requirements for granting the remaining slices.

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