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Meet Abdias Nascimento: The metal giant launched by Transpetro on its way to the Campos Basin

Paulo Nogueira
20-09-2017 06:44:09
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Launched by Transpetro the oil tanker

This is the first of its kind and five more of these are already being built, Shell can also get in on the act!

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]O Atlântico Sul Shipyard (EAS), located in Pernambuco managed to deliver the ship Abdias Nascimento within the deadline stipulated to Transpetro last Thursday (September 14) and without wasting time, the Petrobras subsidiary has already started the operation towards the Campos Basin, which demonstrates the urgency of the state-owned company to put the oil machine in the region to run once and for all. Here are some technical specifications about this unit:

The ship measures about 274 meters from one end to the other and is capable of carrying no more, no less than 1 million barrels of oil on each trip, in addition to being able to operate in Brazil and in the most remote places around the globe. Abadias belongs to the Suezmax category, which now integrates and maximizes Transpetro's vessel portfolio. With this exponential increase in its fleet, the needs of its customers are gradually being met with more operational quality, safety and respect for all international rules.

At the moment, five ships are being built at EAS, 3 of which are scheduled to be completed in 2018 and another 2 in 2019. All of them are from the Aframax line.

Approaching Shell and other multinationals

Aware that the contracts signed with Estaleiro Atlântico Sul will currently be finalized in 2019, the Minister of Mines and Energy, Fernando Bezerra Coelho Filho, committed to bringing together companies such as Shell and other large companies in the field to sign new ventures. He also wants to make local content rules more flexible to make ship building more attractive to these companies. We know today that the high tax values in Brazil prevent investments, reducing these taxes, the naval sector will be able to breathe strongly in 2018. Source Petrobras and Ports and Ships.

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