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ANP extends Marlim Sul field contract until 2052

Paulo Nogueira
23-07-2018 23:25:04
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Marlim Sul - Contract until 2052 Marlim Sul – Contract until 2052.

ANP extends the contract with Marlim Sul until 2052. There will be another 25-year concession for state-owned Petrobras to produce for many, many years.

South Marlim Field The concession has been extended until 2052, according to information from the ANP board. The state-owned company will now be able to produce in this region until the year 2052, which is in the Campos Basin, in deep waters. Discovered in November 1987, through well 4-RJS382, Campo de Marlim Sul is located around 90 km from Cape São Tomé, on the north coast of Rio de Janeiro, between water depths of 800 to 2,500 m, occupying an area of 884.11 km². Today, the field has eight platforms, six of which are production platforms – P-26, P-37, P-38, P-40, P-51 and P-56 – one for transfer, the Autonomous Repumping Platform (PRA-1 ), and one for oil storage, the FSO Cidade de Macaé.

Why is it important?

Marlim Sul is part of the Marlim field complex that is expected to supply oil to Comperj, in Rio de Janeiro. Earlier this month, Petrobras announced that it had signed a letter of intent with the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) to assess the completion of the refinery and a Chinese participation in the Marlim field complex project, which encompasses the Marlim fields, Voador, Marlim Leste and Marlim Sul, all in the Campos Basin.

Contract already extended.

Campos de Marlim and Voador already had their concession contracts extended until 2052, according to the ANP board. The state-owned company will install two new FPSOs in the field, which will result in the revitalization of production in the area. With charter contracts that also have a term of 25 years, on September 10, bids for open bids will be delivered.


Petrobras will withdraw eight platforms that are currently producing in the field, starting this year with FPSO P-33, which will complete 20 years of operation in December, and will also install two new FPSOs in the area.

One left.

With two production platforms, the semi-submersible P-53 and the FPSO Cidade de Niterói, which is chartered with Modec, the extension of the concession contract for the Marlim Sul field is still under analysis by the ANP. With production of 46,000 barrels per day of oil, the field started producing in 2000.

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