Start Marlin Navegação is receiving resumes: we call and confirm

Marlin Navegação is receiving resumes: we call and confirm

April 20, 2018 11:34 am to 11:34 am
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But a wave of opportunities confirmed by Click Petróleo e Gás in the company Marlim Navegação in all support functions

Good news for maritime professionals and aspiring Marlim Navigation is hiring in all roles involving support vessels. We were able to speak directly with the company to verify the veracity of the information and to our surprise, it's all true! So roll up your sleeves and send your resume for the roles described below, although there are many open roles, apply only if you match the requirements:

  • cabin boy
  • Chef
  • Electrician
  • Immediate
  • Commander
  • Second Nautical Officer
  • Chief engineer
  • Deputy Chief of Machinery
  • Machine Driver
  • Machine sailor
  • against master
  • deck sailor

Possible Fleets of Operation

Support vessels belonging to the fleet of Marlim Navigation are Skandi Copacabana, Skandi Flamengo, Skandi Leblon, Skandi Stolmen and Skandi Yare. The company is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, despite that, the company did not inform anything about the candidate's residence, naturally if some of you are called for the selection process, you must go to the city by your own means, if you do not live in region.

Interested and within the function, send your resume to, stating in the subject the name of the vacancy for which you are applying. It is also important to attach your courses and certificates in the email, do this through Onedrive or Googledrive and generate direct links to them, this prevents the company's servers from being overloaded and ensures that Marlin Navegação's Human Resources received them properly. Remembering that Wilhelmsen Holding is also hiring everything, enter the article here and send your resume to her too.

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